PROCHÁZKA, Michal and Daniel KOUŘIL. A federated framework for secure videoconference. Stockholm, Sweden: Terena EuroCamp, 2008.
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Basic information
Original name A federated framework for secure videoconference
Authors PROCHÁZKA, Michal and Daniel KOUŘIL.
Edition Stockholm, Sweden, 2008.
Publisher Terena EuroCamp
Other information
Type of outcome Audiovisual works
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Institute of Computer Science
Keywords in English Federation; videoconference; authentication; authorization; online ca
Tags authentication, authorization, federation, online ca, videoconference
Tags International impact
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In this talk we will present our ongoing work in the field of secure collaboration systems, which is aimed at utilization of the identity federation schema. In order to provide users with a secure mechanism to setup a videoconferencing system, we supply them with a VPN infrastructure that allows to encapsulate the application protocol. Authentication to the VPN server is based on clients' digital certificates that are issued by a federated CA. The certificates also bear SAML assertions that can be used by the VPN to make access control decisions and, e.g., define sets of users based on the attributes assigned to the users. We are also finishing a client tool for MS Windows that provide a GUI for management of certificates issued by a federated CA. Using these tools we provide an easy yet secure access to the VPN server, since the authentication is done by the VPN transparently. The infrastructure could be used to secure other protocols as well (SIP).
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