VORANAU, Vital. Beckett Country: Irish Motifs in Belarusian Landscape. In Ireland: East and West. 2011.
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Basic information
Original name Beckett Country: Irish Motifs in Belarusian Landscape
Authors VORANAU, Vital.
Edition Ireland: East and West, 2011.
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Conference abstract
Field of Study Literature, mass media, audio-visual activities
Country of publisher Croatia
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Faculty of Arts
Keywords (in Czech) Samuel Beckett
Keywords in English Samuel Beckett, Belarus, Theatre, Ireland
Tags Beckett, Belarus, Ireland
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This paper explores the common motifs in Irish and Belarusian literatures, based on the example of Beckett and various associate Belarusian authors. The analysis starts with the history of the first, legendary performance of Waiting for Godot in Minsk which was banned by censors right after its premiere. Then it continues with the description of shared motifs, ideas, and themes in both cultures. Beckett country and Beckett man are here viewed through the prism of Belarusian drama, stressing the similarities and outlining the differences. These concepts are considered in the context of historical developments, cultural evolution and literary analogies of two nations. This paper is not limited only to Beckett but also makes numerous references to other Irish writers, such as James Joyce and William Butler Yeats. The paper ends with the overall presentation of Belarusian-Irish literary relations and points out areas of prospective research in the field.
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