ČINČÁROVÁ, Lenka, Gabriela LOCHMANOVÁ, Kateřina NOVÁKOVÁ, Pavla ŠILEROVÁ, Hana KONEČNÁ, Lenka FAJKUSOVÁ, Jiří FAJKUS and Zbyněk ZDRÁHAL. A combined approach for the study of histone deacetylase inhibitors. Molecular BioSystems. Cambridge: ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2012, vol. 8, No 11, p. 2937-2945. ISSN 1742-206X. doi:10.1039/c2mb25136a.
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Basic information
Original name A combined approach for the study of histone deacetylase inhibitors
Authors ČINČÁROVÁ, Lenka (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution), Gabriela LOCHMANOVÁ (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Kateřina NOVÁKOVÁ (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Pavla ŠILEROVÁ (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Hana KONEČNÁ (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Lenka FAJKUSOVÁ (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Jiří FAJKUS (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution) and Zbyněk ZDRÁHAL (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution).
Edition Molecular BioSystems, Cambridge, ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2012, 1742-206X.
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Original language English
Type of outcome Article in a journal
Field of Study 10600 1.6 Biological sciences
Country of publisher United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Impact factor Impact factor: 3.350
RIV identification code RIV/00216224:14740/12:00060968
Organization unit Central European Institute of Technology
Doi http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c2mb25136a
UT WoS 000309481300017
Keywords in English histone acetylation; inhibitors of histone deacetylases; MALDI-MS; LC-MS/MS
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Tags International impact, Reviewed
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Overexpression of histone deacetylases (HDACs), with consequent hypoacetylation of histones, is reportedly associated with transcriptional repression of tumour suppressor genes. Thus, inhibition of HDACs has emerged as a promising strategy in cancer therapy. In order to monitor the effects of potential HDAC inhibitors, a multi-level approach consisting of preliminary screening (measurement of HDAC activity and semi-quantitative evaluation of histone H4 modification profile by MALDI-TOF MS) and detailed analysis of histone modification forms (using 2-D AUT/AU PAGE and LC-ESI-IT MS) has been used in this study. The data obtained provide a global insight into the effects of HDAC inhibitors on the histone acetylation status that participates in gene transcription control. Using two example inhibitors, valproic acid sodium salt and entinostat, we show that similar levels of HDAC inhibition induced by different agents can lead to distinct rates of histone hyperacetylation, suggesting that except for the direct inhibition of HDACs, additional molecular mechanisms amplifying the response are likely to be involved in the inhibitory process. The approach used in our study makes it possible not only to follow the dynamics of individual histone modification forms, but also of their combined occurrence in the N-terminal fragment.
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Investor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR, Development of diagnostics and treatment of serious heart and vascular diseases using genomic and proteomic approaches
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