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    1. BLAHOŠOVÁ, Jana, Martin TANCOŠ, Young WON CHO, David ŠMAHEL, Steriani ELAVSKY, Sy-Miin CHOW a Michaela LEBEDÍKOVÁ. Examining the Reciprocal Relationship Between Social Media Use and Perceived Social Support Among Adolescents : A Smartphone Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. Media Psychology. Abingdon: Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis, neuveden, neuveden, s. 1-32. ISSN 1521-3269. doi:10.1080/15213269.2024.2310834. 2024.


    1. TKACZYK, Michal, David LACKO, Steriani ELAVSKY, Martin TANCOŠ a David ŠMAHEL. Are smartphones detrimental to adolescent sleep? An electronic diary study of evening smartphone use and sleep. Computers in human behavior. Oxford: Elsevier, roč. 149, December, s. 1-14. ISSN 0747-5632. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2023.107946. 2023.
    2. BLAHOŠOVÁ, Jana, Michaela LEBEDÍKOVÁ, Martin TANCOŠ, Jaromír PLHÁK, David ŠMAHEL, Steriani ELAVSKY, Michal TKACZYK a Ondřej SOTOLÁŘ. How are Czech adolescents using their phones? Analysis using objective smartphone data. Brno: Masaryk University. doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.26816.71681. 2023.
    3. KNAPOVÁ, Lenka, Young Won CHO, Dario BARETTA, Radim LÍSKOVEC a Steriani ELAVSKY. Psychosocial correlates of physical activity resilience: the case of step counts during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 37th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society. 2023.


    1. BLAHOŠOVÁ, Jana, Martin TANCOŠ, David ŠMAHEL, Steriani ELAVSKY, Young Won CHO, Sy-Miin CHOW a Michaela LEBEDÍKOVÁ. Examining reciprocal relationship between social media use and perceived social support among adolescents: A smartphone ecological momentary assessment study. 2022.
    2. LEBEDÍKOVÁ, Michaela, Michal TKACZYK, Jana BLAHOŠOVÁ, Steriani ELAVSKY a David ŠMAHEL. Researching adolescents’ digital technology usage with a smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment (EMA). In Methods in practice : Studying children and youth online. Hamburg: Leibniz Institute for Media Research. s. 8-11. doi:10.21241/ssoar.83031. 2022.
    3. ELAVSKY, Steriani, Jana BLAHOŠOVÁ, Michaela LEBEDÍKOVÁ, Michal TKACZYK, Martin TANCOŠ, Jaromír PLHÁK, Ondřej SOTOLÁŘ a David ŠMAHEL. Researching the Links Between Smartphone Behavior and Adolescent Well-being With the FUTURE-WP4 (Modeling the Future: Understanding the Impact of Technology on Adolescent's Well-being Work Package 4) Project: Protocol for an Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. JMIR RESEARCH PROTOCOLS. TORONTO: JMIR PUBLICATIONS, INC, roč. 11, č. 3, s. 1-11. ISSN 1929-0748. doi:10.2196/35984. 2022.
    4. LEBEDÍKOVÁ, Michaela, Martin TANCOŠ, David ŠMAHEL, Steriani ELAVSKY, Young Won CHO a Sy-Miin CHOW. The role of social networking and instant messaging apps in adolescent exposure to sexually explicit materials: A 14-day window into adolescent smartphone usage. In 9th European Communication Conference (ECREA), Aarhus, Denmark. 2022.


    1. ŠEVČÍKOVÁ, Anna, Dana SERYJOVÁ JUHOVÁ, Lukas BLINKA, Jaroslav GOTTFRIED, Steriani ELAVSKY a Adam ŤÁPAL. Does living together or apart matter? A longitudinal analysis of relationship formation in later life in association with health, well-being, and life satisfaction. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. London: SAGE Publications, roč. 38, č. 5, s. 1553-1571. ISSN 0265-4075. doi:10.1177/0265407521996809. 2021.
    2. ELAVSKY, Steriani, Adam KLOCEK, Lenka KNAPOVÁ, Martina ŠMAHELOVÁ, David ŠMAHEL, Richard CIMLER a Jitka KUHNOVÁ. Feasibility of Real-time Behavior Monitoring Via Mobile Technology in Czech Adults Aged 50 Years and Above : 12-Week Study With Ecological Momentary Assessment. JMIR Aging. Toronto: JMIR Publications, roč. 4, č. 4, s. 1-13. ISSN 2561-7605. doi:10.2196/15220. 2021.
    3. LEBEDÍKOVÁ, Michaela, Martina ŠMAHELOVÁ, David ŠMAHEL, Steriani ELAVSKY, Jaromír PLHÁK, Ondřej SOTOLÁŘ a Michal SCHEJBAL. Testing innovative methods for research on children’s technology usage. In 8th European Communication Conference (ECREA). 2021.
    4. RIAD, Abanoub, Yi HUANG, Liping ZHENG a Steriani ELAVSKY. The Associations of COVID-19 Induced Anxiety, Related Knowledge and Protective Behavior. Health Psychology Research. Pavia: PAGEPRESS PUBL, roč. 9, č. 1, s. 1-9. ISSN 2420-8124. doi:10.52965/001c.24768. 2021.


    1. RIAD, Abanoub, Yi HUANG, Liping ZHENG a Steriani ELAVSKY. COVID-19 Induced Anxiety and Protective Behaviors During COVID-19 Outbreak: Scale Development and Validation. MedRxiv - The Preprint Server for Health Sciences. Yale, BMJ, and Cold Spring Harbor Lab. doi:10.1101/2020.05.05.20050419. 2020.
    2. BAI, Sunhye, Steriani ELAVSKY, Moe KISHIDA, Kamila DVORAKOVA a Mark GREENBERG. Effects of Mindfulness Training on Daily Stress Response in College Students : Ecological Momentary Assessment of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Mindfulness. Dordrecht: Springer, roč. 11, č. 6, s. 1433-1445. ISSN 1868-8527. doi:10.1007/s12671-020-01358-x. 2020.
    3. KNAPOVÁ, Lenka, Adam KLOCEK a Steriani ELAVSKY. The Role of Psychological Factors in Older Adults’ Readiness to Use eHealth Technology : Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study. Journal of Medical Internet Reseach. Toronto: JMIR Publications, roč. 22, č. 5, s. 1-12. ISSN 1438-8871. doi:10.2196/14670. 2020.
    4. ŠMAHELOVÁ, Martina, Adam KLOCEK, Lenka KNAPOVÁ a Steriani ELAVSKY. Vnímání ve zdravotnictví využitelných informačně-komunikačních technologií českými praktickými lékaři. Praktický lékař. Praha: Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně, roč. 100, č. 2, s. 92-99. ISSN 0032-6739. 2020.


    1. ŠMAHEL, David, Steriani ELAVSKY a Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ. Functions of mHealth applications : A user’s perspective. Health Informatics Journal. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publication, roč. 25, č. 3, s. 1065-1075. ISSN 1460-4582. doi:10.1177/1460458217740725. 2019.
    2. KLOCEK, Adam, Martina ŠMAHELOVÁ, Lenka KNAPOVÁ a Steriani ELAVSKY. GPs’ perspectives on eHealth use in the Czech Republic : a cross-sectional mixed-design survey study. BJGP Open. London: Royal College of General Practitioners, roč. 3, č. 3, s. 1-12. ISSN 2398-3795. doi:10.3399/bjgpopen19X101655. 2019.
    3. ELAVSKY, Steriani, Lenka KNAPOVÁ, Adam KLOCEK a David ŠMAHEL. Mobile Health Interventions for Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Sleep in Adults Aged 50+ : A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publication, roč. 27, č. 4, s. 565-593. ISSN 1063-8652. doi:10.1123/japa.2017-0410. 2019.


    1. ELAVSKY, Steriani, David ŠMAHEL a Hana MACHÁČKOVÁ. Who are mobile app users from healthy lifestyle websites? Analysis of patterns of app use and user characteristics. Translational Behavioral Medicine. Springer, roč. 7, č. 4, s. 891-901. ISSN 1869-6716. doi:10.1007/s13142-017-0525-x. 2017.


    1. ELAVSKY, Charles Michael, Cristina MISLAN a Steriani ELAVSKY. When talking less is more: exploring outcomes of Twitter usage in the large‐lecture hall. Learning, Media and Technology. roč. 36, č. 3, s. 215-233. ISSN 1743-9892. doi:10.1080/17439884.2010.549828. 2011.
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