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  1. HRDINA, Jaroslav and Jan SLOVÁK. Morphisms of almost product projective geometries. In Differential geometry and its applications. 2008th ed. USA: World Scientific, 2008. p. 243-251. ISBN 978-981-279-060-6.
    Name in Czech: Zobrazení mezi skoro součinovými projektivnímy geometriemi
    RIV/00216224:14310/08:00025129 Proceedings paper. General mathematics. English. United States of America.
    Hrdina, Jaroslav (203 Czech Republic, guarantor) -- Slovák, Jan (203 Czech Republic)
    Keywords in English: deferential geometry;parabolic geometry; planar curves; almost product structure; weyl connections
    Type of proceedings: post-proceedings
    Reviewed: yes

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