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  1. JANOUŠOVÁ, Eva, Daniel SCHWARZ and Tomáš KAŠPÁREK. Automatic Classification of 3-D MRI Data Sets With the Use of 2DPCA in the Schizophrenia Research. In International Society for Clinical Biostatistics. 2009.
  2. JANOUŠOVÁ, Eva, Daniel SCHWARZ and Tomáš KAŠPÁREK. Classification of 3-D MRI Images Based on Spatial Deformations in The Schizophrenia Research. In Technical Compuning Prague 2009, 17th Annual Conference Proceedings. Praha: Humusoft s.r.o., 2009. p. 1-3. ISBN 978-80-7080-733-0.
  3. 2008

  4. JANOUŠOVÁ, Eva and Daniel SCHWARZ. Comparison Of Brain Tissue Classification Algorithms With The Use Of Multimodal Efficiency Measure. In Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images - Proceedings of 19th Biennal International Eurasip Conference BIOSIGNAL 2008. Brno: VUTIUM Press, 2008. p. 1-4. ISBN 978-80-214-3612-1.
  5. 2007

  6. SCHWARZ, Daniel, Tomáš KAŠPÁREK, Ivo PROVAZNÍK and Jiří JARKOVSKÝ. A Deformable Registration Method for Automated Morphometry of MRI Brain Images in Neuropsychiatric Research. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. New York: IEEE, 2007, vol. 26, No 4, p. 452-461. ISSN 0278-0062.
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  8. 2006

  9. KAŠPÁREK, Tomáš, Radovan PŘIKRYL, Daniel SCHWARZ, Hana KUČEROVÁ and Eva ČEŠKOVÁ. Hipokampus, morfologie mozku a schizofrenie (Hippocampus, Structure of the Brain and Schizophrenia). Časopis lékařů českých. Praha: ČLS JEP, 2006, vol. 145, 7., p. 544-547. ISSN 0008-7335.
  10. SCHWARZ, Daniel and Ivo PROVAZNÍK. Low-dimensional Multimodal Deformable Registration of MRI Brain Images in Stereotaxic Space. European Journal for Biomedical Informatics. 2006, vol. 2006, No 1, p. 90-97. ISSN 1801-5603.
  11. SCHWARZ, Daniel and Tomáš KAŠPÁREK. Nonlinear Registration for Deformation-Based Morphometry in First Episode Schizophrenia. In Neuroimage - supplementum. Florence: Elsevier, 2006. 2 pp. ISSN 1053-8119.
  12. 2005

  13. SCHWARZ, Daniel, Ivo PROVAZNÍK and Tomáš KAŠPÁREK. Comparison of Point Similarity Measures for Atlas-based Registration of MRI Brain Images. In Proceedings of 27th Annual IEEE EMBS International Conference. Shanghai: IEEE, 2005. p. 455-458. ISBN 0-7803-8894-1.
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