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    1. HUBERT, Jan and Stanislav PEKÁR. Combination of the antifeedant bean flour and the predator Cheyletus malaccenis suppresses storage mites under laboratory conditions. BioControl. International Organization for Biologica, 2009, vol. 54, No 3, p. 403-410. ISSN 1386-6141.
    2. CEBOLLA, Ruth, Stanislav PEKÁR and Jan HUBERT. Prey range of the predatory mite Cheyletus malaccensis (Acari: Cheyletidae) and its efficacy in the control of seven stored-product pests. Biological Control. Academic Press, 2009, vol. 50, No 5, p. 1-6. ISSN 1049-9644.


    1. ASPALY, Gamila, Vaclav STEJSKAL, Stanislav PEKÁR and Jan HUBERT. Temperature-dependent population growth of three species of stored product mites (Acari: Acaridida). Experimental and Applied Acarology. Netherlands: Springer, 2007, vol. 42, No 1, p. 37-46. ISSN 0168-8162.


    1. MASAŘÍK, Michal, René KIZEK, K.J. KRAMER, Sabina BILLOVÁ, Marie BRÁZDOVÁ, Jan VACEK, Michele BAILEY, František JELEN and A. J. HOWARD. Application of avidin-biotin technology and adsorptive transfer stripping square-wave voltammetry for detection of DNA hybridization and avidin in transgenic avidin maize. Analytical Chemistry. Washington, D.C., USA: American Chemical Society, 2003, vol. 75, No 11, p. 2663-2669. ISSN 0003-2700.
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