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  1. JURIŠOVÁ, Jana and Pavel KLVAČ. A Controversy About a Water Level - The Nové Mlýny Case Study. In Říční krajina 3 - River landscape 3. 1st ed. Olomouc: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Přírodovědecká fakulta, 2005. p. 148-154. ISBN 80-244-1162-8.
  2. 2001

  3. TIMM, David E., L. J. BAKER, H MUELLER, Lukáš ŽÍDEK and Milos NOVOTNY. Structural basis of pheromone binding to mouse major urinary protein (MUP-I). Protein Science. Plainview: Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Press, 2001, vol. 10, No 5, p. 997-1005. ISSN 0961-8368.
  4. KOZUBEK, Michal. Theoretical versus experimental resolution in optical microscopy. Microscopy research and technique. USA: Wiley-Liss, 2001, vol. 53, No 2, p. 157-166. ISSN 1059-910X. doi:10.1002/jemt.1080.
  5. 2000

  6. PARUCH, Kamil, Thomas KATZ, Christopher INCARVITO, Kin-Chung LAM, Brian RHATIGAN and Arnold RHEINGOLD. First Friedel-Crafts Diacylation of a Phenanthrene as the Basis for an Efficient Synthesis of Nonracemic [7]Helicenes. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2000, vol. 2000, No 65, p. 7602-7608. ISSN 0022-3263.
  7. THONGPANCHANG, Tienthong, Kamil PARUCH, Thomas KATZ, Arnold RHEINGOLD, Kin-Chung LAM and Louise LIABLE-SANDS. Why (1S)-Camphanates Are Excellent Resolving Agents for Helicen-1-ols and Why They Can Be Used to Analyze Absolute Configurations. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2000, vol. 2000, No 65, p. 1850-1856. ISSN 0022-3263.
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