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    1. KUBA, Martin, Ondřej KRAJÍČEK, Petr LESNÝ, Jan VEJVALKA and Tomáš HOLEČEK. Grid Empowered Sharing of Medical Expertise. In Challenges and Opportunities of HealthGrids, Proceedings of HealthGrid 2006. Amsterdam (Netherlands): IOS Press. p. 273-282. ISBN 1-58603-617-3. 2006.


    1. BOCCHI, Laura, Ondřej KRAJÍČEK and Martin KUBA. Infrastructure for Adaptive Workflows in Semantic Grids. In Proceedings of the first CoreGRID Integration Workshop. Pisa: University of Pisa. p. 327-336. 2005.
    2. KUBA, Martin. Integration of Medical Services Using Semantic Grid Techniques. Technology and Health Care. Amsterdam (The Netherlands): IOS Press, vol. 13, No 5, p. 410-411. ISSN 0928-7329. 2005.
    3. KUBA, Martin, Ondřej KRAJÍČEK, Petr LESNÝ and Tomáš HOLEČEK. Semantic Grid Infrastructure for Applications in Biomedicine. In DATAKON 2005 - Proceedings of the Annual Database Conference. 1st ed. Brno. p. 335-344. ISBN 80-210-3813-6. 2005.
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