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  1. SOJKA, Petr and Radim ŘEHŮŘEK. Similarity and Classification of Mathematical Papers. 2009.
  2. 2006

  3. VESELÁ, Martina and David ŠMAHEL. Virtual attractivity and partner selection on the Internet. In Cyberspace 2005. Brno: Masaryk University, 2006. p. 295-302, 7 pp. ISBN 80-210-4060-2.
  4. 2005

  5. SVOBODOVÁ VAŘEKOVÁ, Radka, Ivan BARAN and Denis SHIELDS. Computerised identification of unidentified similarities between known protein motifs and known drugs. In MGMS International Meeting. 2005.
  6. NOVÁK, David and Pavel ZEZULA. Indexing the Distance Using Chord: A Distributed Similarity Search Structure. In 8th International Workshop of the DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany: Neuveden, 2005. p. 94-108, 15 pp.
  7. TICHÝ, Lubomír. New similarity indices for the assignment of relevés to vegetation units of an existing phytosociological classification. Plant Ecology, Netherlands: Springer, 2005, vol. 179, No 1, p. 67-72. ISSN 1385-0237.
  8. 1986

  9. OSOLSOBĚ, Ivo. Two Extreems of Iconicity. In Iconicity - Essays in Honor of Thomas A. Sebeok. P. Bouissac, M. Herzfeld, R. Posner (eds.). Tubingen: Stauffenberg, 1986. p. 95-117, 23 pp.
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