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  1. BARTÁK, Miloš, Kristýna VEČEŘOVÁ, Jaroslav LANG, Peter VÁCZI, Hana CEMPÍRKOVÁ, Josef HÁJEK, Břetislav BRZOBOHATÝ a Petr ILÍK. Analysis of <i>A. thaliana</i> resistence to high light stress and reactive oxygen species formation using biophysical methods. In Book of Abstract, 5th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting. 2008.
  2. 2007

  3. BARTÁK, Miloš, Jaroslav LANG, Kristýna VEČEŘOVÁ a Jana ŠTEPIGOVÁ. Množství světlosběrných komplexů ovlivňuje stupeň fotoinhibice fotosyntézy u LHC mutantů Arabidopsis thaliana. In Sborník Abstraktů. Konference experimentální biologie rostlin, 11. Dny rostlinné fyziologie. Olomouc: Česká společnost experimentální biologie rostlin, 2007. s. 75-75, 1 s. ISBN 1213-6670.
  4. ŠTEPIGOVÁ, Jana, Kristýna VEČEŘOVÁ, Přemysl SOUČEK, Břetislav BRZOBOHATÝ a Miloš BARTÁK. Photoinhibition of PS II and ELIP dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana exposed to high light stress. In 4th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting, Book of Abstracts. Wien: University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, 2007. s. 154-15, 1 s.
  5. 2004

  6. BARTÁK, Miloš a Jan GLOSER. Activity of primary photosynthetic processes in some antarctic lichens and mosses at decreasing water potential of their thalli. Terra Nostra, Schriften der Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung, Bremen: Alfred Wegener Institut, Bremen, 2004, roč. 2004, č. 4, s. 107-108. ISSN 0946-8978.
  7. 2003

  8. VÁCZI, Peter, Josef HÁJEK, Hana VRÁBLÍKOVÁ a Miloš BARTÁK. Alterations in fast chlorophyll fluorescence rise detect high light stress in photosystem II of antarctic lichen species. In Plant Physiology Conference of Ph.D. Students and Young Scientists; Book of Abstracts. Brno: Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Agronomy and Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, 2003. s. 11-12, 2 s. ISBN 80-7157-676-X.
  9. 2002

  10. LEXA, Matej, Todor Nikolaev GENKOV a Břetislav BRZOBOHATÝ. Inhibitory effects of elevated endogenous cytokinins on nitrate reductase in ipt-expressing tobacco are eliminated by short-term exposure to benzyladenine. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 2002, roč. 115, č. 2, s. 284-290. ISSN 0031-9317.
  11. 2001

  12. GOLTSEV, Vasiliij, Todor Nikolaev GENKOV, Matej LEXA a Iordanka IVANOVA. Effect of benzyladenine, 4-PU-30 and thidiazuron on millisecond delayed and prompt chlorophyll fluorescence of Dianthus caryophyllus L. axillary buds cultured in vitro. Scientia Horticulturae, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2001, roč. 89, č. 1, s. 41-55. ISSN 0304-4238.
  13. 1998

  14. BARTÁK, Miloš, Ivan NIJS a Ivan IMPENS. The susceptibility of PS II of Lolium perenne to a sudden fall in air temperature - response of plants grown in elevated CO2 and/or increased air temperature. Environmental and Experimental Botany, Elsevier, 1998, roč. 39, č. 2, s. 85-95. ISSN 0098-8472.
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