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  1. PETRŽELKOVÁ, Klára, N.C. DOWNS, Jan ZUKAL a Paul RACEY. A comparison between emergence and return activity in pipistrelle bats Pipistrellus pipistrellus and P. pygmaeus. Acta Chiropterologica. Warszawa: Museum and Institute of Zoology, PAS, 2006, roč. 8, č. 2, s. 381-390. ISSN 1508-1109.
  2. 1999

  3. PETRŽELKOVÁ, Klára a Jan ZUKAL. The emergence activity of serotine bat and its changes due to predation risk and climatic factors. In Abstracts of VIIth European Bat Research Symposium, 23.-27.8.1999. Kraków, Poland: PLATAN Publishing Hause, 1999. s. 48-49. Publ. of the Chiropterological Center, IASE PAS. ISBN 83-85222-47-2.
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