Orientation Analysis Tools for ArcGIS
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density distribution diagram


rose diagram

rose diagram
These pages were created to introduce the Orientation Analysis Tools (OATools) for ArcGIS Desktop (ESRI).

These tools were developed in frame of my diploma thesis and then they were extended and upgraded. The tools were tested on structural data from Žďárské vrchy region, Czech republic. Anyone who works with structural data and digital geological map can use it to interpret field data in relation to digital map in GIS.

The main motivation is following: Geographical information system (GIS) is used in geological data processing and map construction. You see location of your documentation stations and want to work with measured dip and dip direction. Use OATools to analyse your data in this single environment and see the result just in the geological map!

HOW to get it?
Download the ArcGIS Add-In
Add-in can be easily installed on your computer. To use OATools, no other licence is needed. You do not need admin rights. Download the zip file from the link below and save it anywhere on your computer. Unzip the file and double click at the esriAddInn file.
In ArcMap new toolbar (Orientation Analysis Tools) can be displayed. This is described in the Guide, that is also in the zip file.

Click here to DOWNLOAD OATools10_3 Add-In (ArcGIS version 10.3)

Click here to DOWNLOAD OATools10_2 Add-In (ArcGIS version 10.2)

Click here to download DEMO DATA

NEW>> 6/2018 New set of tools GeoSol Extension was created. GeoSol tools help to construct geological cross sections and boundaries on the surface using tectonic data.
Click here to visit
GeoSol Extension pages. The target version of ArcGIS is 10.3 (and higher).
For the reason that the development of the cross section tools were moved into this extension, the Orientation Analysis Tools for ArcGIS 10.3 got back its name OATools10_3 (instead of CSTools10_3).

NEW>> 12/2016 Tools were upgraded for ArcGIS 10.3. Now they are named CSTools10_3 (CS = Cross Section, 10.3 is the target version of ArcGIS).
The next work is focused on Cross Section construction from tectonic data. All the OATools are still present.

NEW>> 6/2016 New tool for cross section profile line was added.
User interface was upgraded. The tools speed was improved. Now the tools work much faster!
Plot in Azimuthal Projection tool contains euler-vector calculator, where are also other functions.

NEW>> 6/2015 The Rose Histogram tool was upgraded.
Orientations can be weighted by the lengths of the lines. Orientations of the lines can be added into the input table in a new field. Resulting polygon shapefile (the rose shape) contains fields for orientation classes and their frequency or total length of lines in the classes. The help and Guide were updated.


Write me if something doesn´t work well. If there is something not expectable, not understandable or if any kind of error appears. Write me also if you have any ideas how to improve the functionality. THANKS!

2015 Lenka Kociánová, Mail me