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Curriculum Vitae

Person-Related Identification Information
  • Mgr. Michal Sedlák, born 16. January 1991 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts MU
    Arne Nováka 1, Brno 602 00, Czech Republic
Employment - Position
  • PhD candidate
Education and Academic Qualifications
  • 2018: „Course of the Basics of Scientific Work at Czech Academy of Sciences“
  • 2017: Master’s degree in Psychology, Masaryk University in Brno
  • 2012: accredited educational program: "Psychological assessment of credibility and the current methods of criminal, investigative and legal psychology"
  • 2010: Gymnasium Ivana Horvátha in Bratislava, STUDY PROGRAM: foreign languages (English)
  • 2010: First aid course
  • 2020: Mendel University in Brno (translations and preparation of a test battery)
  • 2019: Division of Information and Library Studies at Faculty of Arts MU (creation of tests for experimental design for bilateral GAČR project)
  • 2018: HUME lab - Experimental Humanities Laboratory (part-time cooperation)
  • 2018: Military hospital Brno (modification of software for psychodiagnostics)
  • 2016: HUME lab - Experimental Humanities Laboratory (research assistant on „Embodied Morality“ research)
  • 2016: Department of Geography at Faculty of Science MU (XML programming for database Web applications)
  • 2016: EmbedIT (SW tester)
  • 2015: Centre for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (XML programmer)
  • 2014: Masaryk University Career Centre (internship)
  • 2014: RegioJet a.s. (assessor)
Teaching Activities
  • Practice empirical research (link, link, link)
  • Psychology of pictorial representation (link)
  • Experimental Practice (link)
  • member of the examining board for "Admission Procedure for Bachelor Degree Study Programme" 2019 in Department of Psychology MU
  • member of the examining board for "Comprehensive Examination" 2017 in Department of Psychology MU
Scientific and Research Activities
  • Dissertation - Cognitive and Social Characteristics of Collaboration in Immersive Virtual Reality
  • MU - GAMU - (Carto4Edu) Influence of cartographic visualization methods on the success of solving practical and educational spatial tasks (MUNI/M/0846/2015)
  • TACR - GAMA - Rozvoj systému komercializace výsledků VaV na Masarykově univerzitě II. (Rozvoj systému komercializace na MU) (TG02010067)
  • MU - TTO - Adaptation of psychological tests for online computer-administered diagnostics in psychological practice and personnel (MUNI/21/TG53432/2016)
University Activities
  • 2016 - : member of association MU Game Studies, z.s.
Activities Outside University
  • 2016 - : member of association Czech Association of Psychology Students, z.s.


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