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Electron microscopic atlas of tissues and organs Department of Histology and Embryology – Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk UniversityMUDr. Jana Dumková


I would like to express my great appreciation to all the people whose support was essential for completing my work.

My special thanks are extended to my teacher colleagues, Miroslava Sedláčková and Irena Lauschová for their consent to publish their photographs and for valuable comments while reviewing my work.

I would also like to thank Marcela Buchtová for providing her specimens and Dobromila Klemová for highly professional specimen processing.

I am particularly grateful for the support given by Aleš Hampl, the head of the Department of Histology and Embryology.

I also wish to acknowledge the help provided by the team of specialists of the Masaryk University Service Center for E-learning, in particular by my webmaster Marek Stehlík. The value of his assistance with converting textual and image documents into the website form is inestimable.

Jana Dumková