IS-technicians are staff working for Computer Systems Unit, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. Their task is to assist people working for the university in increasing the quality of IS MU use. As IS MU use consultants assigned to individual faculties, they provide assistance to all their departments.

You can call your IS technician or contact him/her by email or in person. Email communication directed at the address below is preferred, though. Please remember to enclose your personal identification number (učo) as well as information about which faculty you are working for or studying at. The address to use is:


You can also use this address to ask for a substitute in the situation where a concrete is-technician is not available.

How can an IS-technician help teachers and administrative staff?

He/she can provide administrative staff with advice about how to use specific IS applications such as:

  • Course Catalogue (course templates)
  • Study-Related
  • Admission Procedures
  • Teacher's Notebook - administrative parts
  • File Manager (Document Server, File Depository, Web, etc.)
  • Mail
  • New IS MU applications or new versions of the old ones
Faculty of Medicine logo itemFaculty of Medicine
Ing. Marcela Šafárová, University Campus Bohunice, Kamenice 5, building A11, 2nd floor, room 212, phone 549 497 928
Faculty of Arts logo itemFaculty of Arts
Kamila Vlčková, Arna Nováka 1, building E, 3rd floor, access through the information counter on the ground floor of the library, phone 549 496 496
Faculty of Law logo itemFaculty of Law
Bc. Tereza Dřevová, Veveří 70, 1st floor, room 117, phone 549 496 842
Faculty of Social Studies logo itemFaculty of Social Studies
Bc. Jan Hlava, Joštova 10, FSS building - Centre for Information and Communication Technologies, 2nd floor, room 229, phone 549 493 601
Faculty of Science logo itemFaculty of Science
Kateřina Pelcová, Kotlářská 2, building 02, basement, room -1009, phone 549 496 081
Faculty of Informatics logo itemFaculty of Informatics
Vít Eichler, Botanická 68a, room B301, phone 549 496 400
Faculty of Education logo itemFaculty of Education
Mgr. Petra Tužilová, Poříčí 9, building A, room 1025, phone 549 497 705
Faculty of Sports Studies logo itemFaculty of Sports Studies
Mgr. Nikola Hálová, University Campus Bohunice, Kamenice 5, building A33, room 224, phone 549 497 167
Faculty of Economics and Administration logo itemFaculty of Economics and Administration
Mgr. Silvia Čižiková, Lipová 41a, room 005, phone 549 495 966
Rector's Office logo itemRector's Office
Mgr. Dana Kozlová, Žerotínovo nám. 9., room 587, phone 549 495 226

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Questions, Comments: istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz

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