Private International Law

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Doctoral degree programme, full-time study mode, Czech, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, combined form, Czech, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, full-time study mode, English, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, combined form, English, 4 years 
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Private International Law, including its wider basis which is International Procedural Law and International Business Law, belong to the system of the national legal order. Nevertheless, in its direction it extends the boundaries of the national legal orders. The overlap is given by both sources of legal regulation, international nature of science of Private International Law and factual overlap of legal relations which are subject of its regulation. The objective of the doctoral study in the area of Private International Law and International Business Law is to acquire the legal theoretical knowledge in the discipline "Private and Business International Law" and its wider scientific basis which is Civil Law Substantive and Procedural and European Law, as well as to learn the methods and skills of scientific work. A wider basis of the field of study constitutes the preparation for scientific and pedagogical work, language preparation and the basic knowledge over development of other legal disciplines. The study is intended particularly for those who want to engage in academic career and scientific work in the discipline, work in international organizations, abroad, work in international law firms, alternatively for those who want to acquire the deeper theoretical knowledge from the discipline. The crucial themes of the discipline head into the areas of Conflict of Laws, direct rules, Procedural Law, Arbitration Law and International Business Law.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • work systematically scietifically across the themes covered by the discipline.
  • move in the scientific community at national and international level.
  • dispose over knowledge and skills concerning the field of study at national, European and international level.
  • draw up the narrower and wider scientific treatises from the given area.
  • understand above-standard and ingest the matter of Private International Law.

The programme is intended for those who want to engage in academic career and scietific work. This is the basic determination and specification. Of course, the programme is open also for those who for special reasons want to acquire the deeper theoretical knowledge in the area of Private International Law, International Procedural Law, International Arbitration Proceedings and International Business Law. If we are to characterize an employer, we are talking about the scientific workplaces, pedagogical workplaces, workplaces abroad, structures of international organizations including the European Union, law firms engaged in international issue, further workplaces, where a cross-border issue can be met.


The structure and study plan of the postgraduate studdent of the discipline Private International Law is given by the valid accreditation. The basis of the study plan are courses (required and selective or elective), requirements of supervisor and theme of the doctoral thesis.

During the study (the standard duration of the study is four years) the student is obliged to complete all required courses (they are the courses bound to the discipline and bound to its wider basis including the language). The student enrolls selective courses bound to pedagogical and scientific work into the relevant number of credits. He/she is entitled to enroll the selective courses from a wider spectrum across the university, including the language courses.

The student is obliged to pass the state doctoral examination and submit the doctoral thesis on topic bound to the discipline for defence.


The stated doctoral study programme does not expect practical training as a condition for entry or completion.

With regard to the nature of the programme a practical training is not assumed as an obligatory part of the study plan. An internship at the workplace abroad is assumed.


The condition for proper completion of the study is passing the final state doctoral examination and successful defence of the doctoral thesis.

The final state examination consists of the scope bound to the Private International Law and Civil Law. The scope from the area of Private International Law is defined in so called broader concept. It involves the methods of regulation, analysis of general part of Conflict of Laws, analysis of individual areas of special part of Conflict of Laws, analysis of all sources of legal regulation, it means European, international, national, mandatory rules, Procedual Law, International Arbitration Proceedings, International Business Law, if the issue of International Economic Law, management of external economic relations within the European Union and legal regulation of individual business transactions are concerned. The scope from the area of Civil Law is defined ad hoc, the handover of comprehensive file against the accreditation has not been reached.


The box is not used with reagard to the type of programme.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Private International Law
Abbreviation: MEPS
Code: 6801V009
Type: doctoral degree programme
Degree: Ph.D.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: P6810 D-TPV4 Theoretical Legal Sciences (4-years)
Faculty of Law
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Law
Field guarantor:
prof. JUDr. Naděžda Rozehnalová, CSc.