Public Administration

Perspectives and possibilities in modern public administration.

Master's degree programme, combined form, single-subject, Czech, 2 years 
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The objective of study programme Public Administration is to provide a specialized professional education for workers (and alternatively for elected functionaries) of all areas and levels of public administration where the legal knowledge and skills are necessary during the exercise of public administration. The field of study Public Administration is suitable particularly for the graduates of the Bachelor's study programmes in the area of general public administration, as well as aimed at various areas or specializations related to the exercise of public administration. The study programme provides a systematic general overview of Czech and European public administration and its legal regulation, values, principles and trends of modern public administration and as well as the deep knowledge from disciplines embodying the legal basis of the exercise of public administration - it means particularly Administrative Law and Financial Law, thus in their substantive-law and procedural-law parts, placed in the thorough knowledge framework of jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, European Law, Civil Law Procedural. The stated knowledge is supplemented by the knowledge from courses specialized directly for the exercise of public administration - Environmental Law, Social Security Law, Financial Administration and Administrative Science. The necessary knowledge from further basic legal dosciplines to the extent required for the exercise of public administration will be provided - Commercial Law and Criminal Law. Education is supplemented by further necessary knowledge for operating in public administration with legal specialization as management of public administration and information technologies. An integral part of it is also education in language competences.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • be highly knowledgeable in organizational and functional level of public administration, thus Czech and European;
  • be highly knowledgeable in bases of legal regulation concerning the organization and activity of public administration;
  • look up the relevant judicature related to questions solved during the exercise of public administration;
  • realize, alternatively to manage the application (decision, control, oversight, sanction) processes in conditions and environment of public administration (state administration and self-administration);
  • participate in legislative (regulatory) activity associated with the exercise of public administration;
  • perceive and apply the European and international aspects, links and actual trends of present public administration;

The graduate of the follow-up Master's degree programme Public Administration can use the acquired knowledge and skills particularly in authorities and institutions of public administration, thus at all levels of the state administration, in the whole area of self-administration, further in organizations based and established by the stated entities operating in public sector, further in bodies of professional (interest) or higher education self-administration. The student can find an opportunity to work in European institutions as well. There is an assumption for the graduates to find a work as an officer, chief officer and also in leading and managerial positions.


1. The student is obliged to obtain 120 credits in compliance with the stated study plan to become a Master's degree (Mgr.).

2. The student is obliged to enroll all required courses as it is set by the study plan in part of the required courses whose share makes 95 credits. The courses professionally profiling the field of study are concerned.

3. The student is obliged to enroll at least six selective courses up to 24 credits, namely from the offer of the study disciplines which he/she can choose according to his/her actual or assumed professional specialization within the public administration. The selective courses must be completed till the realization of the final state examination.

4.The student can choose the courses from those of other study programmes of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University or other faculties of MU as it is stated by the MU Study and Examination Regulations.

5. The students follow the study calalogue of their imatriculation year in the course of the study. Accesses to the study catalogues of individual imatriculation years are stated on internet websites.


is not required. However, large part of students profesionally operate in public administration as the graduates of the Bachelor's study programmes associated with public administration in terms of content.


The final state examination has two parts - the defence of diploma thesis and oral examination consisting of four courses. The purpose of examination is to verify if the student (graduate) is able to conduct discussion at professional level necessary for the proper exercise of public administration. The objective of the oral examination is not to repeat examinations in individual subjects (courses), but to demonstrate a general overview of basic terms and results of individual disciplines and links between them.

The oral examination consists of three required courses (Public Administration and Administrative Law, Public Finance and Financial Law, Constitutional Bases of Public Authority and its Organization) and of one selective course. As a selective course the student is obliged to choose one course from these: Private Law and Civil Proceedings, Administration of Social Security, Administration of Environment, Criminal Law Substantive and Procedural, International and European Law for Public Administration, Commercial Law and Public Administration.

An integral part of the final state examination is also the defence of the Master's diploma thesis. By drawing up the diploma thesis the student demonstrates orientation in the area given by the theme and the ability to formulate independently a professional text under the supervision of a person conducting the diploma thesis. Insight into the theme, orientation in it and the ability to demonstrate the knowledge of the given work are evaluated within the defence.


The graduate of the follow-up Master's degree programme Public Administration may by admitted to the study in the doctoral study programme Theoretical Legal Science after a positive decision of the dean of the Faculty. Considering the matter the dean takes into account the existing publication or similar activity of an applicant in the field of study whose study he/she applies to be admitted to, and the submitted project of the doctoral thesis. The dean is entitled to decide after hearing the relevant commission for the study programme.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Public Administration
Abbreviation: VESP
Code: 6804T022
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6807 N-VS Public Policy
Faculty of Law
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Law
Field guarantor:
doc. JUDr. Soňa Skulová, Ph.D.

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