Conflict and Democracy Studies (Eng.)

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, English, 2 years 
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The MA programme in Conflict and Democracy Studies focuses on the variety of possible relationships between democracy (and its quality), democratization, authoritarian and totalitarian regimes and conflicts. The main aim of the programme is to give the students a notion of the nature of current conflicts and provide them with theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out their very own research in the field. Attention is paid to homeland and international security and how they affect the form, quality and functioning of various state institutions.

The programme extends students' ability to think independently and critically; expands their ability to understanding discussed concepts and events from various perspectives (e.g. institutional, social, psychological, historical, cultural); and encourages them to develop their soft and other personal skills. All these are essential for understanding, solving and preventing conflicts of any kind.

The obligatory courses cover the most relevant theoretical and methodological concepts of democracy, democratization and conflict studies. The optional courses offer students the opportunity to specialize in their field of interest and they cover topics like information war and propaganda, terrorism, populism, Eurasian security, conflict management, etc. As part of the curriculum, students are also required to do an internship at an institution of their choice.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • critically evaluate and independently analyse questions and issues connected with democracy, democratization and conflicts
  • understand current conflicts, be able to propose a suitable solution of them, or to predict them and prevent them from happening
  • identify key actors of the process of democratization and conflicts
  • assess the quality of democracy at national and international level (to compare it in international perspective)
  • carry out their own research in the field of democracy, democratization and conflicts

The graduates of the MA programme in Conflict and Democracy Studies have wide range of employment possibilities, e.g. in state administration, in private sector (especially in the firms with interests in countries which are endangered by conflict of any kind), in the media, in various NGOs. The graduates can also apply for research and teaching positions at universities.


Master's degree in Conflict and Democracy Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies takes 4 semesters, which usually includes three semesters of courses and the fourth semester is intended for undergoing an internship and for writing a master’s thesis. The study is designed as a credit based study in the European credit system ECTS (European Credit Transferable System). During the study the order of registration of courses is not prescribed or fixed (unless restricted by prerequisite pre-conditions).

The study programme is completed by Master thesis and State Final Examination. To be able to access the final examination and the defence of the masters’ thesis students are required to complete a total of 120 credits (ECTS) of the degree programme. Total of 84 credits have to be obtained in compulsory courses and 36 credits in compulsory elective and optional courses.


An obligatory internship at an institution of student’s choice is part of the programme (the institution must be approved by a representative of the study programme).


The study programme is completed by master’s thesis and state final examination. To be able to access the final examination and the masters’ thesis defence students are required to fulfil all of the prescribed obligations (to gain a minimum of 120 ECTS, to submit a master’s thesis and to undergo an internship).

The State Final Examination lasts for two days. On the first day the student defends his/her master’s theses. On the second day, a written exam takes place which covers all topics and issues discussed in the obligatory courses.


At the Faculty of Social Studies students can apply for admission to a follow-up Ph.D. study in Political Science.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Conflict and Democracy Studies (Eng.)
Abbreviation: KDS
Code: 6701T035
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6701 N-PL Political Science
Faculty of Social Studies
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Social Studies
Field guarantor:
prof. PhDr. Stanislav Balík, Ph.D.