Scriptorium Brunense. The summer school of auxiliary historical sciences

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The auxiliary historical sciences may be considered the ‘toolbox’ of historians, which they use to help them navigate through time. This box contains ten major and several minor historical disciplines that emerged alongside modern historical scholarship, constituting a set of scholarly methods and skills necessary for working with historical sources. If you would like to learn these skills or become more proficient in their use, then Scriptorium Brunense, the summer school of auxiliary historical sciences, is designed for your needs.


The summer school course has two levels. The first level is an introduction to the various auxiliary sciences for beginners, such as high school students interested in studying history, university students of various disciplines, or junior history students who would like to learn more about the auxiliary sciences of history.

The second level is for more experienced students who will be able to further develop their existing knowledge and skills with the aid of interesting examples of historical sources. This level is intended for not only more advanced students, graduates and PhD students in the historical sciences, but also for staff of memory institutions or high school history teachers who would like to broaden their horizons. At the second level, there are programmes in both Czech and English.

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Field of Study: Scriptorium Brunense. The summer school of auxiliary historical sciences
Abbreviation: LSPVH
Type: lifelong learning
Degree: žádný
Programme: C9999 C-CV Lifelong Education
Faculty of Arts
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Faculty of Arts