Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language and Literature

Language is the very soul and culture of a nation.

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, double-subject, Czech, 2 years 
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The aim of the Master's degree Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language and Literature is to prepare a fully qualified teacher in the subjects of Czech language and literature (in a combination of two qualified subjects), who can work primarily in lower secondary school. The aim of the studies is to deepen the field knowledge and skills in crucial disciplines of contemporary Czech language, literary history and literary science gained in the undergraduate studies, and to extend the basic knowledge and skills with special disciplines (onomastics, dialectology, literary criticism and textology etc.). An integral part of the studies is also to develop knowledge and skills in field didactics of the Czech language and literature via basic and special subjects (alternative methods of Czech language teaching, etc.). The structure of the field enables students to combine the acquired knowledge and skills in linguistics and literary science with skills in didactics and use them together with knowledge in pedagogical, psychological and other disciplines when interpreting fictional and educative texts, developing oral and written discourse, and primarily when teaching the Czech language. During the studies, the skills of reflection on the teaching process are developed for the appropriate types and levels of education and skills of self-reflection on the role of the teacher.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • use knowledge of standard Czech, its codification and stylistic differentiation while creating oral and written discourse, doing linguistic proofreading and an arrangement of stylization of a text
  • apply acquired theoretical knowledge and skills in teaching Czech language and literature at primary school, and combine them with skills in didactics to develop pupils’ key skills defined by the Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education
  • develop the abilities of primary school pupils to do linguistic and stylistic analysis of a text and to do interpretation of a literary text; lead pupils to work creatively with texts of fiction
  • communicate in a cultivated way, create and develop pupils’ communication competency, i.e. teach them to formulate their ideas and opinions in logical sequence, clearly, distinctly, correctly, and to cultivate pupils’ relationship with the mother tongue
  • read aloud and recite in a cultivated way and lead pupils to do these literary activities
  • develop pupils' reading and encourage them to read valuable literary works, strengthen the relationship to cultural values via literature
  • monitor new expert literature, look up information individually and be knowledgeable in new information sources and use these sources critically at school
  • keep on extending their qualifications by attending courses of lifelong learning, expert presentations and seminars, etc.

Characteristics of professions and institutions where the acquired education can be used:

- teacher of Czech language and literature at lower secondary school

- instructor at education centres

- instructor at free-time centres

- employee at cultural institutions requiring education in the Czech language and literature (linguistic consultant on radio and TV, theatres, specialist in literary archives, etc.)

- editor or proofreader

There is the possibility of extending skills to other professions within the field (work at specialized scientific institutions, libraries etc.).


The standard duration of this double-subject study programme is four semesters. For admittance to the final state examination students must obtain a total of 120 ECTS credits in required, selective and elective courses (including credits for courses focused on writing a Master’s thesis, for subjects of pedagogical and psychological modules, teaching practice and chosen foreign language courses).

During the studies of Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language and Literature, students must obtain at least 26 credits in required and selective linguistic and literary courses and 7 credits in required courses of didactics. Out of this, students may choose elective courses from a wide range according to their interests and intended professional specialization to expand the possibilities for their professional lives. During the studies students must obtain at least 6 credits in elective courses offered at any MU field.

During the course of their studies students should follow the "Study catalogue" for their year of matriculation. They can access the "Study catalogues" through the Faculty of Education website.


Teaching practice, which is implemented in the 1st to 3rd semesters of the study programme, is an obligatory part of the curriculum for this field. In the 1st semester, teaching practice 1 organized by the Department of Education is implemented. The Department of the Czech Language and Literature guarantees teaching practice 2 in the 2nd semester and teaching practice 3 in the 3rd semester.

- Teaching practice 2 for Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in the Czech Language and Literature programme should be 50 hours; 30 hours of practical training at school and 20 hours of preparatory work. Students must teach at least 10 lessons of Czech language and literature.

- Teaching practice 3 should be 60 hours: 40 hours of practical training at school and 20 hours of preparatory work. Students must teach at least 20 lessons of Czech language and literature.

During practice at primary school students both teach and do assistant work for their mentee teachers (correction of pupils' work, creation of teaching aids, supervision of pupils, class documentation, assistance to special needs pupils, preparation and implementation of projects, etc.).

Both courses of teaching practice are connected with a seminar on teaching practice for 3 x 2 hours in the 2nd and 3rd semesters. In the seminar, students are supervised by an expert on didactics from the Department of Czech Language and Literature in collaboration with a teacher or psychologist. In the seminar, students reflect on their experience from teaching practice in a small group of students.


The study is completed with the final state examination, which includes:

- oral examination in the Czech language that consists of general linguistic analysis of a text and a response to a theoretical question about linguistics and didactics. The questions correspond to the assigned subject areas available from http://www.ped.muni.cz/katedry-a-instituty/cesky-jazyk/studium/statni-zaverecne-zkousky;

- oral examination in Czech literature that consists of a response to a question about literary theory and history (from the beginnings of the national literature up to the present) including questions about didactics of literature. The questions correspond to the assigned subject areas available from http://www.ped.muni.cz/katedry-a-instituty/cesky-jazyk/studium/statni-zaverecne-zkousky. The ability to interpret a literary text considering its structural layers and literary-historical context is another requirement for passing the examination in Czech literature.

Both of these examinations are worth the same.

One part of the final state examination is also defence of a Master's thesis. That applies for students whose topics of the thesis are guaranteed by the Department of Czech Language and Literature.


After completion of the Master's studies, it is possible to continue in further studies in a doctoral study programme.

Graduates can attend a two-semester-long study of the Czech language and literature for secondary schools that is implemented as a course of lifelong learning by the Department of Czech Language and Literature of the Faculty of Education to gain a qualification to be a secondary school teacher of the Czech language and literature.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language and Literature
Abbreviation: CJ2
Code: 7503T020
Type: Master's degree programme (following the Bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N7503 N-ZS Teacher Training for Primary and Lower Secondary Schools
Faculty of Education
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Education
Field guarantor:
doc. PhDr. Jana Marie Tušková, Ph.D.