Physics with a view to Education

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The programme is a part of a double-subject study and it is the first stage of the process leading to gaining approbation for secondary school teachers. The programme offers general knowledge of physics. It also involves appropriate mathematical education, either as a part of the second study programme or as individual mathematical courses. The objective of the study programme is to prepare graduates for the follow-up studies in a Master's programme of Upper Secondary Teacher Training in Physics. Graduates are well prepared both in mathematics and physics, and also in the basics of pedagogy, didactics and psychology. Therefore, they can find a job also outside education.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • demonstrate a good knowledge of basic disciplines in general and theoretical physics
  • formulate a physical problem, analyse it and solve it using an appropriate physical model and mathematical method
  • manage with certainty both basic laboratory methods and experimental data processing
  • use a computer to create text and data documents as well as use the Internet
  • demonstrate a good knowledge of basics of general didactics, pedagogy and psychology and is ready for the follow-up studies of these disciplines
  • formulate acquired knowledge comprehensibly and orderly, also in a way well suited to laypeople

The primary goal is to follow up with a Master's study programme. Otherwise, graduates can find a job in basic or applied research, in laboratories or companies, special laboratories, meteorological institutes, institutions using informatics, etc. Even though they are not fully qualified as teachers, they can find a job in popularization activities aimed at general public. Moreover, they can assist in elementary or secondary schools within special seminars for gifted students, physical competitions, entrance examinations to universities, etc.


The standard duration of the studies is six semesters. To be admitted to the final state examination students must obtain a total of 180 ECTS credits for required, selective and elective courses. In the programme Physics with a View to Education there are 72 credits for required courses. In a future teachers’ study there are 12 required credits for the fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology and 2 credits for teaching assistance. The Bachelor's thesis is chosen just from one of the two study programmes, and for its preparation students receive 10 credits.

During the course of their studies students should follow the Course Catalogue for their year of matriculation and Study and Examination Regulations of Masaryk University: They can access the Course Catalogues through the faculty website.


Teaching assistance is required to be completed in one of the selected secondary schools in Brno. This practice contains short presentations, sitting in on classes and engagement in the school operation.


The final state examination consists of oral and written exams. There are 20 problems to be solved within the written part, whereas in the oral part a student chooses randomly one physical theme to be discussed. There is 45 minutes preparation time before the exam itself. The selected literature can be used.

In case of the Bachelor's thesis in physics the thesis defence is also a part of the final state examination, and takes place within the same day. Students are expected to give a short presentation about the topic of their Bachelor's theses.

Because the programme is one part of a two subjects study the state examination has to be passed also in the second subject.

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After completion of the Bachelor's studies, it is possible to follow up with further studies in the Master's degree programme 7504T055 UF, Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Physics. After its graduation (when combined with the second programme) the graduate becomes a fully qualified secondary school teacher.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Physics with a view to Education
Abbreviation: UF
Code: 7504R006
Type: Bachelor's degree programme
Degree: Bc.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: B1201 B-GE Geology
Faculty of Science
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Science