BPJ_JI1A Foreign Language I/1 - English

Faculty of Economics and Administration
Autumn 2019
Extent and Intensity
0/4/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Mgr. Silvie Bilková (lecturer)
Mgr. Jiřina Hrbáčková (lecturer)
Mgr. Markéta Kovaříková (lecturer)
Mgr. Eva Lukáčová (lecturer)
Ing. Mgr. Blanka Pojslová (lecturer)
Mgr. Bc. Eva Punčochářová (lecturer)
Mgr. Erika Putnová (lecturer)
Mgr. Petra Stejskalová (lecturer)
Mgr. Ladislav Václavík, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Zuzana Vašíčková (lecturer)
Mgr. et Mgr. Eva Barnová (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Kateřina Beard (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Markéta Oplatková Plocková (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
Ing. Mgr. Blanka Pojslová
Language Centre, Faculty of Economics and Administration Division - Faculty Branches of University Departments - Faculty of Economics and Administration
Contact Person: Mgr. Lucie Jurková
Supplier department: Language Centre, Faculty of Economics and Administration Division - Faculty Branches of University Departments - Faculty of Economics and Administration
Timetable of Seminar Groups
BPJ_JI1A/01: Tue 8:00–9:50 S305, Thu 8:00–9:50 S305, E. Punčochářová
BPJ_JI1A/02: Tue 10:00–11:50 S305, Thu 10:00–11:50 S305, E. Punčochářová
BPJ_JI1A/03: Tue 12:00–13:50 S306, Thu 12:00–13:50 S305, E. Punčochářová
BPJ_JI1A/04: Tue 14:00–15:50 S306, Thu 14:00–15:50 S306, E. Lukáčová
BPJ_JI1A/05: Mon 14:00–15:50 S305, Wed 14:00–15:50 S305, E. Lukáčová
BPJ_JI1A/06: Tue 16:00–17:50 S306, Thu 16:00–17:50 S306, E. Lukáčová
BPJ_JI1A/07: Tue 8:00–9:50 S402, Thu 8:00–9:50 P302b, L. Václavík
BPJ_JI1A/08: Mon 12:00–13:50 S401, Thu 12:00–13:50 S311, Z. Vašíčková
BPJ_JI1A/09: Mon 14:00–15:50 S401, Wed 14:00–15:50 P302b, Z. Vašíčková
BPJ_JI1A/10: Mon 16:00–17:50 S401, Wed 16:00–17:50 P302b, P. Stejskalová
BPJ_JI1A/11: Tue 8:00–9:50 S401, Thu 8:00–9:50 S401, J. Hrbáčková
BPJ_JI1A/12: Tue 10:00–11:50 S401, Thu 10:00–11:50 S401, J. Hrbáčková
BPJ_JI1A/13: Tue 12:00–13:50 S401, Thu 12:00–13:50 S401, J. Hrbáčková
BPJ_JI1A/14: Tue 8:00–9:50 S306, Thu 8:00–9:50 S314, E. Putnová
BPJ_JI1A/15: Tue 10:00–11:50 S306, Thu 10:00–11:50 S314, E. Putnová
BPJ_JI1A/16: Mon 12:00–13:50 S313, Thu 12:00–13:50 S314, E. Putnová
BPJ_JI1A/17: Tue 10:00–11:50 S313, Thu 10:00–11:50 S313, S. Bilková
BPJ_JI1A/18: Tue 8:00–9:50 S313, Thu 8:00–9:50 S313, S. Bilková
BPJ_JI1A/19: Tue 12:00–13:50 S314, Thu 12:00–13:50 S313, S. Bilková
BPJ_JI1A/20: Mon 12:00–13:50 S402, Thu 12:00–13:50 S402, B. Pojslová
BPJ_JI1A/21: Mon 14:00–15:50 S402, Thu 14:00–15:50 S402, B. Pojslová
BPJ_JI1A/22: Mon 14:00–15:50 S310, Wed 14:00–15:50 S313, M. Kovaříková
BPJ_JI1A/23: Tue 14:00–15:50 S402, Thu 14:00–15:50 S313, M. Kovaříková
BPJ_JI1A/24: Mon 10:00–11:50 S310, Thu 10:00–11:50 S306, M. Kovaříková
BPJ_JI1A/25: Mon 8:00–9:50 S402, Thu 8:00–9:50 S402, Z. Vašíčková
(! BPJ_JI1F Foreign Language I/1 - F )||(! BPJ_JI1N Foreign Language I/1 - G )||(! BPJ_JI1S Foreign Language I/1 - S )
Knowledge of general language at the school-leaving examination level.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 563 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 483/563, only registered: 0/563
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
there are 50 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display
Course objectives
English as Foreign Language I (PJI) is designed for students who have reached the school-leaving examination level proficiency in this language (students can choose English, German or French). In the first stage of this four-semester course, students will be introduced to the LSP language in common economic and business contexts, which represents:
- enhancing their general and business vocabulary (by approximately 500 new lexical units),
- activation of grammatical structures typical for technical language,
- application of principles of business correspondence,
respecting specific features of various languages. The stress is put not only on the development of communication skills, exploration of the structures of the language, but also on studying the culture of appropriate countries where the language is spoken.
Learning outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
- understand a general economic text of intermediate difficulty level,
- discuss covered economic topics and
- orientate themselves in English economic terminology relating to the covered topics.
  • The following topics, based on units 1 to 5 of the used textbook, will be covered during the semester:
  • Unit 1 - Communication
  • Unit 2 - Company organisation
  • Unit 3 - Money and payment
  • Unit 4 - Products and brands
  • Unit 5 - Marketing
    required literature
  • ASHFORD, Stephanie, SMITH, Tom. Business Proficiency. 1st ed. Stuttgart: Ernst Klett Verlag, 2010. 304 s. ISBN 978-3-12-800021-3
Teaching methods
This course is taught in the form of seminars.
Assessment methods
The course is completed with conferring a credit. Credit requirements include the following:
- 80% active participation in seminars (systematic continuous preparation and fulfilling assigned tasks),
- 60% success rate in the final credit test,
- elaborating a seminar paper (set of formal business letters or emails which should be written up according to an instructor’s guidelines).
Language of instruction
Follow-Up Courses
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
Study Materials
The course is taught annually.
General note: Nezapisují si studenti, kteří absolvovali předmět PJI1A.
Information about innovation of course.
This course has been innovated under the project "Inovace studia ekonomických disciplín v souladu s požadavky znalostní ekonomiky (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0227)" which is cofinanced by the European Social Fond and the national budget of the Czech Republic.

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