ZUR393d From journalism to fake news

Fakulta sociálních studií
podzim 2017
1/1/0. 6 kr. Ukončení: zk.
Mgr. Markéta Bočková (přednášející)
Katalin Fehér (přednášející)
Mgr. Pavel Sedláček (přednášející)
Tae-Sik Kim, Ph.D.
Katedra mediálních studií a žurnalistiky - Fakulta sociálních studií
Kontaktní osoba: Ing. Bc. Pavlína Brabcová
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra mediálních studií a žurnalistiky - Fakulta sociálních studií
Po 13:30–15:00 AVC
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Cíle předmětu
The aim of the course is provides a basic introduction to journalism and media studies and to demonstrate: (1) The importance of role of public service broadcasting, (2) How to verify information from different types of media, (3) How to deal with fake news and alternative facts in the era of social media in the post-truth society.
  • Mainstream media, public and commercial media as well as smart environments and digital applications are surrounding us. More than ever is discuss the importance of relevance information. This course is an essential practical and theoretical guide to the necessary practical knowledge and critical thinking skills for our digital world. Teachers and experts from the field of public media service will show students how they can search for verified information and describe why is necessary to have a public media broadcasting. Crucial questions are: Is it possible to recognize trustworthy and serious from untrustworthy and unreliable sources/types of media? What media literacy strategies can be used in the information jungle? Do facts matter anymore? Are tweets more influential than public service broadcasting? Are we living in a bubble of propaganda and misinformation? Why is public broadcasting so important in present society and media market? To what extent do leaks have a negative impact on the media and society? The class summarizes the current media situation in general and the ways they work with information in particular. Keywords: Alternative facts, fact checking, fake news, mainstream media, public media service, public media broadcasting, media literacy, post-truth politics, social media, society.
    doporučená literatura
  • Journalism: theory, practice, and criticism (recommended journal)
  • GRAY, Jonathan; BOUNEGRU, Liliana; CHAMBERS, Lucy. 2012. The data journalism hanbook. Sebastopol: O’Reilly Media.
  • Digital Journalism (recommended journal)
  • SILVERMAN, Craig. 2014. Verification Handbook: A definite guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage. European Journalism Centre.
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  • CHOMSKY, Noam. Media control : the spectacular achievements of propaganda. 2nd ed. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2002. 103 p. ISBN 1583225366. info
Výukové metody
presentations, individual/pair/group work, discussions, e-learning
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