BV202Zk The History of Criminal Law

Faculty of Law
Spring 2021
Extent and Intensity
12/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Taught online.
prof. JUDr. Ladislav Vojáček, CSc. (lecturer)
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prof. JUDr. Ladislav Vojáček, CSc.
Department of the History of the State and Law - Faculty of Law
Contact Person: Zuzana Suchá
Supplier department: Department of the History of the State and Law - Faculty of Law
Fri 19. 3. 8:00–9:40 133, 16:00–17:40 133, 18:00–19:40 133, Fri 23. 4. 8:00–9:40 133, 10:00–11:40 133, Fri 28. 5. 18:00–19:40 133
Prerequisites (in Czech)
! OBOR ( PR ) && ! OBOR ( PR01 ) && ! PROGRAM ( N - VS )
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The capacity limit for the course is 90 student(s).
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Course objectives
The students should be able to:
define specifics of ancient and medieval criminal laws in the beginning of the development of the state;
understand the process of the criminal law formation as a public law discipline;
explain the reasons of changes in the understanding of the punishment purposes;
explain the reasons of changes of the ways of punishment;
describe individual criminal approaches from 18th to 20th cents.
  • I. Development of Medieval Criminal Law in Czech Lands.
  • A. Criminal law in 11th - 18th centuries,
  • B. Criminal proceedings in 11th - 18th centuries.
  • II.Development of Modern Criminal Law in Czech Lands and in Czechoslovakia.
  • A. Criminal law in 19th - 20th centuries in Czech Lands.
  • B. Criminal substantive law in Czechoslovakia.
  • C. Criminal proceedings in 19th - 20th centuries in Czech Lands.
  • D. Criminal procedure in Czechoslovakia.
    required literature
  • Karel Schelle, Ladislav Vojáček: Z dějin moderního trestního práva (Učební text pro studenty Masarykovy univerzity). Ostrava: KEY Publishing 2020, 70 stran. ISNB 978-80-7418-333-1.
    recommended literature
  • VLČEK, Eduard. Dějiny trestního práva v českých zemích a v Československu. Vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 1993. 67 s. ISBN 8021007915. info
Teaching methods
In the classes lectures are held.
Assessment methods
There is a written final exam at the end of the semester (paper - student conceive the answers, 60% of them must be correct).
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