FF FNVKDUApV Visual Cultures and Art History
Name in Czech: Visual Cultures and Art History
master's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF N-DUA_ Visual Cultures and Art History

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:DU1901Images, Media and Migrations: the Visual Cultures of the Medieval Worlds I. Folettiz 2/0/28 1Z
FF:DU1902Reflections and New Perspectives on Visual Cultures in the Early Modern Period O. Jakubecz 2/0/28 1Z
FF:DU1905Image, Object, Text: Theories and Methods in Art History and Visual Studies M. Rampleyz 2/0/28 2P
FF:DU1908Study Trip Z. Frantováz 0/0/12 2P
FF:DU1903Debates and Topics in the Study of Modern and Contemporary Visual Cultures L. Kesnerz 2/0/28 3Z
FF:DU1904Seminar: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Visual Cultures I. Folettizk 0/0/26 3P
40 credits