PrF COCOA01 Comparative Corporate, Foundation and Trust Law
Name in Czech: Comparative Corporate, Foundation and Trust Law
doctoral full-time, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: PrF COCO_ Comparative Corporate, Foundation and Trust Law


Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DAF1CF01Conceptual and comparative understanding of Legal entities (Corporations / Foundations) and Trust K. Ronovskák 0/0/08 1P
PrF:DAF1DT01Doctoral Thesis Project I. K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 1P
PrF:DAF2CF02Compliance and Fiduciary Law (Concept, Corporate and Foundation governance,fiduciary aspects) B. Havelk 0/0/08 2P
PrF:DAF2DT02Doctoral Thesis Project II K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 2P
PrF:DAF3CF03Estate planning incl. trans-generations transfers and financing. Philantropy V. Piherak 0/0/08 3P
PrF:DAF3DT03Doctoral Thesis Project III K. Ronovskák 0/0/030 3P
PrF:DAF4CF04International private law incl. cross-border transfers, Comparative Property Law K. Csachk 0/0/08 4P
PrF:DAF4DT01Doctoral Thesis I K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 4P
PrF:DAF5CF05Selected issues of Tax/Accounting /Financial market regulation J. Kotásekk 0/0/06 5P
PrF:DAF5DT02Doctoral Thesis II K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 5P
PrF:DAF6CF06Procedure/Arbitration/Insolvency (related) E. Dobrovolnák 0/0/06 6P
PrF:DAF6DT03Doctoral Thesis III K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 6P
PrF:DAF7DT04Doctoral Thesis IV K. Ronovskák 0/0/017 7P
PrF:DAF8DT05Doctoral Thesis V K. Ronovskák 0/0/030 8P
PrF:DAFPVP01Internationalization activities K. Ronovskák 0/0/010 --
PrF:DA1RM01Research Methodology T. Sobekz 0/0/06 1Z
PrF:DA2LRM01Legal Research Methodology I R. Zbíralz 0/0/06 2Z
PrF:DA3LRM02Legal Research Methodology II D. Kosařz 0/0/06 3P
PrF:DA4LIR01Legal Issues in Research R. Polčákz 0/0/06 4Z
240 credits