PřF MBBGAK Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics
Název anglicky: Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics
doktorský kombinovaný, vyučovací jazyk: angličtina angličtina
Zahrnut v programu: PřF D-MBBGA_ Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics

Státní doktorská zkouška a obhajoba disertační práce

Requirements for doctoral examination and the doctoral thesis are the same as in the presence study.
Student is ready to the state doctoral examination after passing all study duties, such as passing required theoretical courses, getting language proficiency, accomplishing obligation of teaching development, in the half of standard study period. Therefore, student performs state doctoral exam in the 5th or 6th semester of the study at the latest. State doctoral examination is organized as an interview where student is expected to demonstrate general orientation in the field and capabilty of communication and discussion with examinators. The questions asked belong to some of following areas:
structure and molecular principles of function of microbial, plant and animal cells and their viruses
mechanisms of mutagenesis, recombination, transposiotion and DNA reparation
molecular base of carcinogenesis
principles of cell signalling
characterization and use of stem cells
principles driving cell proliferation, differentiation and death
genetic engineering and gene therapy
genomics and proteomics
molecular base of genetic diseases
general, molecular and developmental genetics
medical genetics and cytogenetics
genetics of quantitative tratits
The student proves accomplishing of duty to present his/her data on international conference, prepare Ph.d. thesis and submits the application
for its defence by the end of the 8th semester at the latest.

Studijní a výzkumné povinnosti

The combined form of study is expected to be used in specific situations when student is unable to finish the study in the standard four-year period from serious reasons, although he/she has properly accomplished the study- and research duties.

Study requirements (circa 20% workload)
Passing the courses related to the theme of Ph.D. thesis and extending the knowledge in the field, pertinently the courses deepening the manager competence - so called "soft-skills" courses, such as S4001 Presentations in international forum, S4003 Guiding the scientific career, S4004 Researach funding - training in grant applications, D01 Publish or Perish: The art of research and scientific writing, apod. (18 credits/ the first 4 semesters)
Doctoral seminar UEB (16 credits/8 semesters)
MU Life Sciences Seminar (8 credits/the first 4 semesters)
Assistance in practical courses for undergraduates (150 hours total during the whole study) - circa 5% workload
Acting as supervisor and opponents of Bachelor thesis.
Passing the state doctoral exam in the 5th or 6th semester (at the latest).

Research requirements
working on the theme of Ph.D. thesis during the whole period of study (min. 70% workload, incl. publishing activities)
preparation and defence of the progress report in the half of the standard study period
presentation of results on seminars (continuously) and scientific conferences (at least one active participation on international conference is regquired)
short-term scholarship in laboratory abroad is mandatory (5% workload)
Publishing requirements
At least one article with imapact factor that is ranked above the field median where student is the first author or two articles (first autorship in one of them, at least) in international journals with impact factor exceeding one, regardless the median ranking.

Návrh témat disertačních prací a témata obhájených prací

Current PhD thesis topics:

https://www.sci.muni.cz/en/studies/doctoral-degree-study-programme/24073-molecular-and-cell-biology-and-genetics (tab Dissertation topics)

Selected topics of defended PhD theses:

Protein engineering for analysis of structure-functin relationships of enzymes (Veronika Lišková), obhájeno 11.5. 2018
Mechanismus protinádorového působení wedelolaktonu (Tereza Kučírková), obhájeno 20.4. 2018
Mechanismy oprav DNA studované metodami pokročilé konfokální mikroskopie (Jana Suchánková), obhájeno 16.3. 2018
Komplexní analýza genomů jedinečných bakteriofágů a plazmidů nesoucích geny pro exfoliativní toxiny A a B u Staphylococcus aureus (Tibor Botka), obhájeno 20.10. 2017
Studium reorganizace jadérek u embryonálních kmenových buněk (Michal Franek), obhájeno 13.10. 2017

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