PdF P00802 School Pedagogy
Name in Czech: School Pedagogy
doctoral combined, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: PdF D-SCHPED School Pedagogy

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The first part of the state doctoral examination consists of a discussion on the theses of the dissertation thesis, which should fulfill the following requirements of the Doctoral Board:

The theses are perceived as a summary of important parts of the particular dissertation thesis. They are included in the structure of the dissertation project, i.e. they usually contain the following parts: definition of the main issues and basic concepts; a summary of the state of knowledge or results in the area; description of research methodology; introduction of selected / preliminary results; formulation of the conclusions including the perspective of finalization of the dissertation.

Theses of the dissertation are written in Czech, Slovak or English language. Their range between 20 to 40 standard pages, i.e. 36,000-72,000 characters including spaces. They follow the requirements of the APA citation standard. The thesis must be submitted before applying for state doctoral examination in the number of 10 copies.

The second part of the state doctoral examination consists of a discussion which examines the knowledge and skills of students focusing on the following themes: (a) educational research methodology, (b) general pedagogical issues regarding philosophy of education, modern theory of education, education and pedagogical psychology, (c) specialized questions from specific courses focused of the dissertation.

Dissertation defense follows state doctoral examination by the end of studying Ph.D. programme. It is guided by Masaryk University Study and Examination Regulations.

Requirements of the study

During the standard period of study, it is required (and through the Information System of Masaryk University to be checked - by passing the courses Professional Activity in the Field of Study and Work on Doctoral Thesis) so that the student will undergo the following activities aimed at developing his / her academic skills.
1. Active participation in doctoral seminars and lectures related to the subjects of the study program and passing exams and credits.
2. Preparation and realization of dissertation research and continuous work on the dissertation thesis (including defense of doctoral dissertation theses).
3. Publishing activities (4 academic texts – e.g. journals, book chapters, proceedings, of which at least 2 texts are required to be included in the WOS or SCOPUS databases).
4. Active participation at conferences in the Czech Republic (2x) and abroad (2x).
5. Internship possibly at a foreign research (eventually educational or development) department.
6. Educational activity (participation on teaching), ranging from 2-4 hours per week for 4 semesters (= 96 to 192 hours of direct learning activities for the total period of study).

Recommended progress through the study plan

Required Courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:SKPA001Education in transdisciplinary context V. Šveczk in blocks - dle rozvrhu15 1-
PdF:SKPA002Educational Research Methodology T. Janíkzk 0/0/015 1-
PdF:SKPA003Quantitative and qualitative methods in educational research J. Němeczk 0/0/015 1-
45 credits

Selective Courses

Student is expected to choode two of the courses according to profilation of his Thesis.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:SKPA004Preprimary and Primary Education J. Havelz 0/0/08 5-
PdF:SKPA005Transdisciplinary Didactics T. Janíkz 0/0/015 6-
PdF:SKPA006Curriculum Studies: Changing aims and content of education P. Knechtz 0/0/08 6-
PdF:SKPA007Theory of Teaching Profession H. Horkáz 0/0/08 6-
PdF:SKPA008Pedagogical diagnostics and evaluation K. Vlčkováz 0/0/08 6-
PdF:SKPA011Educational Psychology J. Marešz 0/0/08 6-
PdF:SKPA012Quantitative metodology and statistical data analysis P. Květonz 0/0/08 5-
63 credits

Other Required Courses

Students are expected to enroll in the course Work on Doctoral Thesis 8 x, totaling 120 credits. Students are expected to enroll in the course Professional Activity in the Field of Study 8 x, totaling 40 credits.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:SKPA009Research practicum/placement P. Najvarz 0/0/010 4-
PdF:SKPA071English for academic purposes R. Heroutzk 0/2/09 1-
PdF:SKPA081Dissertation Preparation T. Janíkk 0/0/015 1-
PdF:SKPA091Professional Activity in the Field of Study T. Janíkk 0/0/05 1-
39 credits