ŠTEFLOVÁ, Pavlína, Viktor TOKAN, Ivan VOGEL, Matej LEXA, Jiří MACAS, Petr NOVAK, Roman HOBZA, Boris VYSKOT and Eduard KEJNOVSKÝ. Contrasting Patterns of Transposable Element and Satellite Distribution on Sex Chromosomes (XY1Y2) in the Dioecious Plant Rumex acetosa. GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, Oxford, UK: Oxford Univ Press, 2013, vol. 5, No 4, p. 769-782. ISSN 1759-6653. doi:10.1093/gbe/evt049.
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Original name Contrasting Patterns of Transposable Element and Satellite Distribution on Sex Chromosomes (XY1Y2) in the Dioecious Plant Rumex acetosa
Authors ŠTEFLOVÁ, Pavlína (203 Czechia, belonging to the institution), Viktor TOKAN (203 Czechia), Ivan VOGEL (703 Slovakia, belonging to the institution), Matej LEXA (703 Slovakia, belonging to the institution), Jiří MACAS (203 Czechia), Petr NOVAK (203 Czechia), Roman HOBZA (203 Czechia), Boris VYSKOT (203 Czechia) and Eduard KEJNOVSKÝ (203 Czechia, guarantor, belonging to the institution).
Edition GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, Oxford, UK, Oxford Univ Press, 2013, 1759-6653.
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Original language English
Type of outcome article in a journal
Field of Study 10601 Cell biology
Country of publisher United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Organization unit Central European Institute of Technology
Doi http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/gbe/evt049
UT WoS 000318557200013
Keywords in English sex chromosomes; sorrel (Rumex acetosa); transposable elements; satellites
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Rumex acetosa is a dioecious plant with the XY1Y2 sex chromosome system. Both Y chromosomes are heterochromatic and are thought to be degenerated.We performed low-pass 454 sequencing and similarity-based clustering of male and female genomic 454 reads to identify and characterize major groups of R. acetosa repetitive DNA. We found that Copia and Gypsy retrotransposons dominated, followed by DNA transposons and nonlong terminal repeat retrotransposons. CRM and Tat/Ogre retrotransposons dominated the Gypsy superfamily, whereas Maximus/Sireviruses were most abundant among Copia retrotransposons. Only one Gypsy subfamily had accumulated on Y1 and Y2 chromosomes,whereas many retrotransposons were ubiquitous on autosomes and the X chromosome, but absent on Y1 and Y2 chromosomes, and otherswere depleted fromthe X chromosome. One group of CRM Gypsywas specifically localized to centromeres.Wealso found thatmajority of previously described satellites (RAYSI, RAYSII, RAYSIII, andRAE180) are accumulatedontheYchromosomeswherewe identifiedYchromosome-specific variant ofRAE180.Wediscovered two novel satellites-RA160 satellite dominating on the X chromosome and RA690 localized mostly on the Y1 chromosome. The expression pattern obtained from IlluminaRNAsequencing showedthat the expression of transposable elements is similar in leaves of both sexes and that satellites are also expressed. Contrasting patterns of transposable elements (TEs) and satellite localization on sex chromosomes in R. acetosa,where not only accumulation but also depletion of repetitiveDNAwas observed, suggest that a plethora of evolutionary processes can shape sex chromosomes.
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