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    1. LENNON, Joseph. Asking the “Big Questions” about Academic Writing: A Lesson Plan and Some Reflections. Online. Humanizing Language Teaching. roč. 25, č. 1. ISSN 1755-9715
    2. LENNON, Joseph, Alena HRADILOVÁ, Petra TRÁVNÍKOVÁ a Libor ŠTĚPÁNEK. Locking down and opening out: Creating new virtual spaces for writers and presenters during the pandemic. Online. In James Fenton, Julio Gimenez, Katherine Mansfield, Martin Percy, Mariangela Spinillo. International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Academic English in Turbulent Times. New York and London: Routledge. s. 178-188. 1st edition. ISBN 978-1-032-25478-4. Dostupné z:


    1. LENNON, Joseph. How is academic writing different from bullshit? And other crazy questions an American asks his students in the Czech Republic. Online. In European Writing Center Association conference 2022


    1. LENNON, Joseph. How to Not Be Boring: Some Creative Approaches to Academic Writing. Online. In The 26th PARK Conference
    2. LENNON, Joseph. Writers, writers everywhere, but no writing center: The first year of the Masaryk University Writing Lab. Online. In Conference of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW 2021)


    1. LENNON, Joseph. Advisor, Counselor, Mentor, Coach - What Should We Call Ourselves?. Online. In Kateřina Sedláčková, Barbora Chovancová and Štěpánka Bilová. The Teacher's Role in Developing Learner Autonomy. Hong Kong: Candlin & Mynard ePublishing Limited. s. 40-54. Autonomous Language Learning series. ISBN 978-1-6592-7135-5
    2. CHOVANCOVÁ, Barbora, Joseph LENNON, Anjuli PANDAVAR, Martina ŠINDELÁŘOVÁ SKUPEŇOVÁ, Eva RUDOLFOVÁ a Lenka ZOUHAR LUDVÍKOVÁ. Riding the Waves of Autonomy: Language Counsellors’ Reflections at Masaryk University Language Centre. Online. In Ludwig, C., Tassinari, M.G., Mynard, J. Navigating Foreign Language Learner Autonomy. Hong Kong: Candlin & Mynard ePublishing Limited. s. 38-103. Autonomous Language Learning Series. ISBN 978-0-463-56990-0


    1. LENNON, Joseph. Teacher, Counselor, Mentor, Coach—What Should We Call Ourselves?. Online. In IATEFL LASIG Local Conference Brno 2018
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