BRRF0121c Radiological physics and radiobiology (molecular and clinical) - practise

Faculty of Medicine
Autumn 2008
Extent and Intensity
0/3/0. 1 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
prof. RNDr. Michal Lenc, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
prof. RNDr. Jana Musilová, CSc. (seminar tutor)
RNDr. Jiří Šimíček (seminar tutor)
Jitka Halouzková (assistant)
Guaranteed by
prof. MUDr. Vlastimil Válek, CSc., MBA, EBIR
Department of Radiologic Methods - Departments of Non-medical Branches - Faculty of Medicine
Contact Person: Jitka Halouzková
Thu 9:00–11:50 F3,03015
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
Radiodiagnostic: The concept of this course is introduction into the study of radiology and imaging methods, including CT, MR, X-ray, angiography and ultrasound. Students should know basic principle of examination and methods of CT, MR, UZ and X-ray, including technique, anatomy, indications, contraindications and risk factors.
  • Radiodiagnostic: CT, MR, X-ray, ultrasound, angiography, interventional radiology, indications, contraindication, risk factors, limits, technical aspect, anatomy, interpretations of the findings. Methods of diagnostic imaging used in different subspecializations and areas like pediatric radiology, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, abdominal imaging, imaging in oncology, uroradiology, woman imaging and cardiac imaging are discussed. With each examination procedure and method the contrast agents, indications, contraindications and risk factors as well as limits are explained. Technical principles, standards, protections and “how to do it” are also learned.
  • NEKULA, Josef. Radiologie. 3. vyd. V Olomouci: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, 2008. 205 s. ISBN 9788024410117. info
  • VÁLEK, Vlastimil and Jan ŽIŽKA. Moderní diagnostické metody. III.díl Magnetická rezonance. 1.vyd. Brno: Institut pro další vzdělávání pracovníků ve zdravotnictví, 2000. 43 s. ISBN 80-7013-225-6. info
  • ELIÁŠ, Pavel, Petr MÁCA, Jiří NEUWIRTH and Vlastimil VÁLEK. Moderní diagnostické metody. II.díl Výpočetní tomografie. 1. vyd. Brno: Institut pro další vzdělávání pracovníků ve zdravotnictví, 1998. 84 pp. ISBN 80-7013-294-9. info
  • VÁLEK, Vlastimil, Boleslav PROKEŠ, Karel BENDA, Naděžda CHVÁTALOVÁ and Jitka PEČINKOVÁ. Moderní diagnostické metody. I.díl Kontrastní vyšetření trávicí trubice. 1.vyd. Brno: Institut pro další vzdělávání pracovníků ve zdravotnictví, 1996. 76 pp. ISBN 80-7013-215-9. info
Assessment methods
Seminars and practical examination is basic of intensive course.Full attendance is necessary for giving course-unit credit.
Language of instruction
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