BIp007 Field Exercise - Inorganic Nature

Faculty of Education
Spring 2018
Extent and Intensity
0/2/0. 2 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
doc. RNDr. Jindřich Štelcl, CSc. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. RNDr. Jindřich Štelcl, CSc.
Department of Biology - Faculty of Education
Contact Person: doc. RNDr. Jindřich Štelcl, CSc.
Supplier department: Department of Biology - Faculty of Education
Mon 21. 5. 8:00–18:00 kancelář vyučujícího, Tue 22. 5. 8:00–18:00 kancelář vyučujícího, Wed 23. 5. 8:00–18:00 kancelář vyučujícího
Basic knowledge of the field of inorganic nature at the BIp002 and BIp004 courses level.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is offered to students of any study field.
Course objectives
Students will be able to interpret the geological structure of the territory of the Czech Republic. On the basis of the acquired knowledge, we will create an idea of the endogenous and exogenous geological processes forming the surface of our planet.
  • Field practice at selected geological localities of the Bohemian Massif and the Western Carpathians according to their current state (will be specified before the course starts).
    recommended literature
  • VÁVRA, Václav and Jindřich ŠTELCL. Významné geologické lokality Moravy a Slezska (Important geological localities of Moravia and Silesia). 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2014. 292 pp. 55 - Vědy o zemi. geologické vědy. ISBN 978-80-210-6715-8. info
  • ŠTELCL, Jindřich and Václav VÁVRA. Multimediální mineralogicko-petrografický exkurzní průvodce po území Čech. Elportál. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2008. ISSN 1802-128X. URL info
  • ŠTELCL, Jindřich, Václav VÁVRA and Jiří ZIMÁK. Mineralogicko-petrografický exkurzní průvodce po území Moravy a Slezska. Elportál. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2006. ISSN 1802-128X. URL info
  • GÁBA, Zdeněk. Geologické vycházky Českou republikou. Praha: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, nakladatelství Karolinum, 2002. 493 s. ISBN 80-7184-883-2. info
Teaching methods
Field practice.
Assessment methods
Oral credit. Presentation of documentation samples and field diary.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
Study Materials
Information on the extent and intensity of the course: 3 dny.
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