FJ2B026 Contemporary readings

Faculty of Arts
Autumn 2019
Extent and Intensity
1/1/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
doc. PhDr. Petr Dytrt, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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doc. PhDr. Petr Dytrt, Ph.D.
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures - Faculty of Arts
Supplier department: Department of Romance Languages and Literatures - Faculty of Arts
Thu 12:00–13:40 G12
Knowledge of French at level B2 (CEFRL).
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Course objectives
Three main objectives during this course:
1. The first objective of this course will be to evoke (quickly) contemporary French literature. We will try to understand what this literature says, what it suggests about the world, history, desires that cross it. I will rely in particular on Bruno Blanckeman's analyzes in Les Fictions singulières (book cited in the bibliography).
2) Then, at the theoretical level, we will come back to certain categories of analysis of the novel or some novelistic genres through the works studied. At the narratological level, reading the work of Vincent Jouve, Poetics of the novel, cited in the bibliography is highly recommended.
3) Finally, The central question of this course will focus on the modes of representation of history in fiction. The movement of the analysis will be twofold. On the one hand, to place the texts in the program in the respective works of their author. On the other hand, analyze the devices specific to these texts to try to understand the questions they echo.
Learning outcomes
Student will be able to:
- Identify and summarize the important features of poetics of the authors of the analyzed corpus. ;
- write an essay (dissertation) defining the basic aesthetic principles of the creation of these authors based on the analysis of the works of the 'compulsory reading';
- critically evaluate and analyze one selected work in a seminar paper.
  • I) The Contemporary French Novel: Historical Perspective.
  • II) Theoretical part and methodology.
  • III) Analysis of novels.
  • IV) Conclusion and evaluation.
  • Analyzed novels:
  • 1. AUDEGUY, Stéphane. Nous autres: roman. Paris: Gallimard, c2009. ISBN 978-2-07-012318-6.
  • 2. BON, François. Deawoo: roman. Paris: Fayard, c2004. ISBN 2-213-61871-2.
  • 3. CLAUDEL, Philippe. Le rapport de Brodeck: roman. Paris: Stock, c2007. Le livre de poche. Texte intégral. ISBN 978-2-253-12572-3.
  • 4. ÉNARD, Mathias. Rue des voleurs. Arles: Actes Sud, 2012. ISBN 978-2-330-01267-0.
  • 5. ERNAUX, Annie. Se perdre. Paris: Gallimard, 2009. Folio. ISBN 978-2-07-042159-6.
  • 6. FLEISCHER, Alain. La hache et le violon: roman. Paris: Seuil, 2005. Points. ISBN 2-02-083793-5.
  • 7. GUEZ, Olivier. La disparition de Joseph Mengele. Paris: Grasset, 2018. EAN: 9782253073802
  • 8. HAENEL, Yannick. Jan Karski: roman. Paris: Gallimard, c2009. L'infini. ISBN 978-2-07-012311-7.
  • 9. HOUELLEBECQ, Michel. La carte et le territoire: roman. Paris: J'ai lu, [2012]. J'ai lu. ISBN 978-2-290-03203-9.
  • 10. NDIAYE, Marie. Trois femmes puissantes. Paris: Gallimard, 2009. ISBN 978-2-07-078654-1.
    required literature
  • • Ch. Jérusalem: « TERRE, TERRAIN, TERRITOIRE. Variations historiques et géographiques dans le roman français contemporain ». In Guichard, Thierry. Jérusalem, Christine, Mongo-Mboussa, Boniface. Peras, Delphine. : Le roman français contemporain, Cultures
  • BLANCKEMAN, Bruno. Les Fictions singulières. Etude sur le roman français contemporain. Paris: Prétexte éditeur, 2002. 170 pp. ISBN 2-912146-14-3. info
    recommended literature
  • Le roman français au tournant du XXIe siècle. Edited by Bruno Blanckeman - Aline Mura-Brunel - Marc Dambre. Paris: Presses Sorbonne nouvelle, 2004. 589 s. ISBN 2878542878. info
    not specified
  • Anthologie de la littérature contemporaine française : romans et récits depuis 1980. Edited by Dominique Viart. Paris: Armand Colin, 2013. 291 s. ISBN 9782200287238. info
  • VIART, Dominique. Nouvelles écritures littéraires de l'Histoire. Caen: Lettres Modernes Minard, 2009. 363 s. ISBN 9782256911460. info
  • VIART, Dominique and Bruno VERCIER. La littérature française au présent : héritage, modernité, mutations. Edited by Franck Évrard. Paris: Bordas, 2005. 511 s. ISBN 2047299524. info
  • BRAUDEAU, Michel, Lakis PROGUIDIS, Jean-Pierre SALGAS and Dominique VIART. Le roman français contemporain. Paris: Ministère des Affaires étrangères - adpf., 2002. 174 stran. ISBN 2911127935. info
Teaching methods
Lecture and seminar. In the seminar, students are supposed to have read the books on the list of compulsory readings and prepared for discussion the extracts in study materials. Paper.
Assessment methods
The credits will be assigned under these conditions:
- 1 fiche de lecture
- 1 paper (in oral or written form)
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Study Materials
The course is taught only once.
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