PSBA023 Psychometrics

Faculty of Arts
Spring 2022
Extent and Intensity
2/0/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Taught in person.
prof. PhDr. Tomáš Urbánek, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
prof. PhDr. Tomáš Urbánek, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology - Faculty of Arts
Contact Person: Jarmila Valchářová
Supplier department: Department of Psychology - Faculty of Arts
In parallel, knowledge of courses PSBA009 Methodology of Psychology I and PSBA012 Statistics I is required.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
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Course objectives
Lectures are focused on the theoretical models in the area of the test theory and psychometrics. Students learn basic notions of the classical test theory, procedures of questionnaire and test construction and common methods of item analysis. In the second part of the course they meet other approaches like item response theory and adaptive testing.
Learning outcomes
Students will be able to explain and distinguish the basic concepts of test theory:
validity, reliability, objectivity, normalization;
gross and derived scores;
classical test theory and item response theory.

They will be able to think about how to apply the findings from co-requisite courses in developing test methods and verifying their standards.
  • psychological assessment in the context of the other psychological disciplines, history of psychometrics
  • clinical and psychometric approach to psyychological diagnostics, the concept of measurement, types of the methods
  • characteristics of the test methods, their relationships, sources of the bias, standardization
  • approaches to reliability, types of reliability measures, approaches to validity, types of validity measures
  • techniques of the test construction
  • item analysis techniques
  • normalization, types of standardized scores
  • new approaches to psychological assessment, item response theory and adaptive testing
  • psychometric models
  • application of psychometric methods, special problems E-learning:
  • ŘÍČAN, Pavel. Úvod do psychometrie. Bratislava: Psychodiagnostické a didaktické testy, 1977. info
  • ŘÍČAN, Pavel and Olga HAMPEJSOVÁ. Prolegomena k faktorové analýze. 1. vyd. Praha: Státní pedagogické nakladatelství, 1972. info
  • URBÁNEK, Tomáš, Denisa DENGLEROVÁ and Jan ŠIRŮČEK. Psychometrika : měření v psychologii. Vydání první. Praha: Portál, 2011. 319 stran. ISBN 9788073678364. info
Teaching methods
Assessment methods
oral examination
Language of instruction
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The course is taught annually.
The course is taught: every week.
The course is also listed under the following terms Spring 2021.
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