F7511 Optics of charged particles: theory

Faculty of Science
Autumn 2000
Extent and Intensity
2/0/0. 2 credit(s). Recommended Type of Completion: z (credit). Other types of completion: zk (examination).
prof. RNDr. Michal Lenc, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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prof. RNDr. Michal Lenc, Ph.D.
Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics - Physics Section - Faculty of Science
Contact Person: prof. RNDr. Michal Lenc, Ph.D.
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Course objectives
Lectures give the basic principles of charged particle optics. Different approaches to the perturbation theory are described and applied to the optical systems with the rectilinear or circular central trajectory. The methods for the computation of electromagnetic fields of individual optical elements are discussed.
  • ~High resolution electron microscopy: with (Ruska - TEM) and without (Binning and Rohrer - STM) optical elements.  Mathematical tools for charged particle optics: approximative methods for the solution of the classical (Lagrange, Hamilton and Hamilton - Jacobi) and quantum (Schroedinger) equations of motion.  The description of the beam in the phase space.  The computation and practical realization of the rotationally symmetric and multipole magnetic and electrostatic fields.  Optical elements in charged particle optics: lens,prism and mirror.
  • LENCOVÁ, Bohumila and Michal LENC. Optické prvky elektronových mikroskopů. In Academia. Praha: Academia, 1996. p. 15-62. ISBN 80-200-0329-0. info
  • HAWKES, P. W. Wave optics. London: Academic Press, 1994. 1899 s. ISBN 0123333547. info
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