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  Microscopic Analysis of Urine
Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University
RNDr. Miroslava Beňovská, Ph.D., Mgr. Ondřej Wiewiorka, MUDr. Jana Tůmová

Microscopic Analysis of Urine

Microscopic Analysis of Urine

Semiquantitative urine analysis is one of the basic biochemical examinations. It consists of urine chemical properties determination by diagnostic strips and morphological examination of urinary elements. Both methods support each other in final determination of the result and both findings should correspond with each other. Urine analysis is required to be performed in one hour and is conducted from single sampling, preferably from the second urination in the morning. Nowadays, the analysis of urine is mostly automated. Manual microscopy is used only for determination of ambiguous or discrepant results.

The urine sediment for manual microscopy is prepared as follows: native urine sample is centrifuged in 2000 rpm and the supernatant is removed and the sediment resuspended to create a tenfold concentrated sample solution.

We use standardized staining (e.g. supravital staining) by Sternheimer for better recognition of elements. Staining reagent consists of 2 dyes (alcian blue and red pyronin B in 1:1 ratio). The staining reagent is added to the concentrated urine sample in 1:10 ratio.

In this database, we have sorted and described 3 variants of pictures.

  1. Microscopic findings of stained sediment (10× concentrated urine sample with 400× magnification, Sternheimer staining)
  2. Microscopic findings of native sediment (10× concentrated urine sample in 400× magnification)
  3. Findings from automatic analyzer iQ 200 (Iris). If you'd like to see another version of this website with images from the FUS-2000 (DIRUI) analyzer, click here.

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In the following links the database is prepared in a format suitable for print. For better recognition, some elements are magnified.

Document with images from iQ 200 (Iris) analyzer

Document with images from FUS-2000 (DIRUI) analyzer


RNDr. Miroslava Beňovská, Ph.D. RNDr. Miroslava Beňovská, Ph.D.
Department of Laboratory Methods
Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital Brno

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Mgr. Ondřej Wiewiorka Mgr. Ondřej Wiewiorka
Department of Biochemistry – Chemistry Section
Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital Brno

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MUDr. Jana Tůmová MUDr. Jana Tůmová
Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital Brno

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