The Information System of Masaryk University is a complex tool used for managing school-related data. Some of its main features are:

  • full support for different types of studies (ECTS, syllabi, and other peculiarities)
  • support for e-learning, communication, and user cooperation inside the school
  • ability to handle electronic course hunts (situations where thousands of students scramble for courses) due to the unique technology it uses
  • the accessibility rate of 99.8 percent (users experiencing virtually no down time)
  • integration of new applications (constantly added to it)
After being successfully implemented at Masaryk University, the System was also put into operation at other schools. In 2005 and 2009, it was awarded the EUNIS ELITE AWARD and ISA Award, respectively.

Due to the size of Masaryk University and its heterogeneity, the System has been designed the way that ensures its high customizability. Therefore, it is currently possible to easily tailor it to make it suit the needs and requirements of the school for which it is being implemented.

Any university can use the System in the form of outsourcing, i.e. as a service provided to it for some period of time. In such a situation, the school is only responsible for updating and maintaining the data while the System provider takes care of the technical aspects of its operation, i.e. administering and tuning the System as well as its databases, teaching users how to use it, etc.

The System hosts a number of applications that are only available to authenticated users, i.e. those who can log in it.

Provided you would like to obtain some further information about the System, test its applications, or use it at your own school to manage the school-related data, utilize its e-learning tools, and facilitate the communication inside of the school, please contact the IS development team using the following address:

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