Public Administration

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 2 years 
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The “Administration Publique – Public Administration” study programme is prepared by Masaryk University and University of Rennes I in France. The teaching is done by Czech and French teachers; therefore, half of the training is done in Czech and half in French. The study programme educates highly qualified public administration workers. The character of teaching is markedly interdisciplinary and it makes use of the know-how of the renowned French IPAG Institute, which belongs to University of Rennes. The focus of the study programme, the subject structure, and the teaching methods comply with the standards used in France. Together with solid economic knowledge, the graduates obtain an education in administrative science and law, with the emphasis on the European dimension of the processes that take place in public administration. Study visits in Czech and French public institutions and specialized courses contribute to developing the necessary abilities for actual employment.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • show deep comprehension and orientation in French, Czech, and European systems of public administration
  • assume top manager and consultant positions in all kinds of public institutions at different levels (regional, national, and European)
  • demonstrate a profound knowledge of European legislation and EU policies and perceive the wider economic and political consequences of EU membership especially in public finance, public administration, and public policy
  • communicate in French at a very advanced level, communicate in English, and work with foreign scientific sources and identify suitable tools in practice
  • find and use relevant economic, legal, or other important information for the analysis and evaluation of complex problems
  • understand the problems of public economics and the public sector from economic and legal perspectives

Graduates will find jobs as experts and managers in public administration institutions and as advisers and consultants. Their language and expert knowledge give them the opportunity to work in international institutions, especially European Union authorities.


The standard duration of studies is four semesters. For admittance to the final state examination, students must earn a total of 120 ECTS credits for type A/required, type B/selective, and type C/elective courses. Type A/required courses constitute the basis of the discipline and their share is the largest part of credits (including credits for courses focused on writing a Master’s thesis). Students choose type B/selective courses according to their interests and intended professional specialization. The remaining credits can be earned from type C/elective courses offered in the curriculum of the given study programme or from other courses offered by any other study programme. The total minimum number of credits is defined by the study and examination regulations of Masaryk University, the guidance note about the general study requirements, and the current study catalogue. Students can access the study catalogues through the faculty website.


Practical training is an obligatory part of the study plan.


The final state examination in the Public Administration study programme is oral and has four parts:

- Thesis defence (a projector is available)

- Examination in Economics (student draws one question): questions and methodological guidelines for the exam can be found on the department website

- Examination in Public Administration in Czech and French

More information about graduation requirements can be found on the department website:


After completing the Master’s degree study programme, it is possible to continue further studies in any doctoral degree study programme (after satisfying the admission requirements).


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Public Administration
Abbreviation: MFTAP
Code: 6202T057
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Ing.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6202 N-HPS Economic Policy and Administration
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Field guarantor:
prof. Ing. Juraj Nemec, CSc.

coordinator: Mgr. Jana Hegerová (mftap(zavináč/atsign)econ(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz)