Official photograph doc. PhDr. Bc. Zdenko Reguli, Ph.D.

doc. PhDr. Bc. Zdenko Reguli, Ph.D.

učo 97780
Vice-dean for studies FSpS MU
549 49 3692
zdenko(zavináč/atsign)mail(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz reguli(zavináč/atsign)fsps(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz

Academic and managerial posts

Faculty of Sports Studies
Positionvice-dean for studies


Division of Combatives - Department of Gymnastics and Combatives - Faculty of Sports Studies
Positionassociate professor
RoomE34/237 (Kamenice 5 — E34, Fakulta sportovních studií)
Phone number549 49 3692

Membership in academic institutions

Faculty of Sports Studies
Boards for Studies
Doctoral Boards
Doctoral Committees
  • PhD supervisors (fields of study Kinanthropology and Kinanthropology (Eng.))
Boards and councils