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Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
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doc. JUDr. Ivan Malý, CSc. (přednášející)
prof. Ing. Juraj Nemec, CSc. (přednášející)
prof. Mgr. Jiří Špalek, Ph.D. (přednášející)
prof. Ing. Juraj Nemec, CSc.
Katedra veřejné ekonomie – Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra veřejné ekonomie – Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
Út 12. 3. 10:00–14:00 MT205, Út 9. 4. 10:00–14:00 MT205, St 24. 4. 10:00–14:00 168, Út 14. 5. 10:00–14:00 MT205
Elementary knowledge of the principles of the economic theory.
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Cíle předmětu
At the end of the course students understand deeper a wide scale of approaches to key Public Economics concepts and questions. The students must fully and in depth understand public economics issues connected with the topic and objectives of their doctoral theses.
Výstupy z učení
After finishing this course the student will have capacity:
- to understand different approaches on the socio-economic role of the state in modern society;
- to know and to understand all relevant modern public economics literature on the topic of dissertation.
  • 1. Introduction. Compulsion and non-profitness. Economic role of the Government. Governance. Bureaucracy. Evaluation of all these core aspects from the point of view of different economic theories.
  • 2. Efficiency in the Public Sector. Public private mix.
  • 3. Redistribution systems theory - prospective development of the Game theory.
  • 4. Second best - concept, approaches. Setting goals and preferences. Public Interest.
  • 5. Modern approaches to the public sector.
    povinná literatura
  • BAILEY, J. S. Public Sector Economics. Second Edition. New York: Palgrave, 2002. 450 p. ISBN 0-333-92953-5.
  • BUCHANAN, James M. Public finance in democratic process : fiscal institutions and individual choice. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1999, xvi, 310. ISBN 0865972206. info
    doporučená literatura
  • VON MISES, L.: Bureaucracy. Libertarian Press. 1996. ISBN 978-0910884341
  • ROTHBARD, Murray N.: Man, Economy, and State. Ludwig Von Mises Inst. 1 edition (June 15, 1993). ISBN: 978-0945466321
  • BROWN, C. V. a P. M. JACKSON. Public sector economics. 4th editon. Oxford: Blackwell, 1990, xv, 622. ISBN 0631162089. info
Výukové metody
Active participation is required: class discussions, argumentations exercises,extensive readings, e.t.c. Topics for essays are selected according their relevance from the point of view of progranmme and the contents of PhD theses.
Metody hodnocení
Written examination - essay. A set of self made abstracts from study literature is required.
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