AJ6006 Učitelská praxe 3

Pedagogická fakulta
podzim 2021
0/0/5. 60 hodin. 2 kr. Ukončení: z.
Vyučováno prezenčně.
doc. Mgr. Světlana Hanušová, Ph.D. (přednášející)
Bc. Denisa Foltová, DiS. (pomocník)
Mgr. Blanka Klimovič (pomocník)
doc. Mgr. Světlana Hanušová, Ph.D.
Katedra pedagogiky - Pedagogická fakulta
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury - Pedagogická fakulta
Omezení zápisu do předmětu
Předmět je otevřen studentům libovolného oboru.
Cíle předmětu
The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance professional competences acquired during Teaching practice 1 and Teaching practice 2. The practice is of a continuous monthly form, which is realized at the end of the semester. In total, the practice takes 60 hours. Due to intensive participation in the activities of an elementary or secondary school and a higher number of own lessons (20 lessons), the student has a possibility of deeper understanding everyday teacher’s duties. The student becomes even more independent. Within this course, the student has a possibility to link theoretical knowledge gained in courses of Pedagogy, Psychology and his/her own study field with practical experience and to enhance reflective and self-reflective skills needed for teacher’s profession.
Výstupy z učení
After completing the course the student will:
• identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in teacher’s role,
• evaluate his/her own development in teacher’s role,
• plan, realise and reflect on his/her teaching together with other teacher’s duties,
• reflect on climate of a specific school/class and their influence on his/her own work,
• create alterations used in teaching based on reflection of his/her own teaching,
• identify pupils’ individual needs in the class, where s/he teaches.
  • • actual teaching – 20 lessons,
    • tandem teaching,
    • activities related to (class) teacher’s assistant, set by a director of elementary school or mentor (e.g. help with correction of written assignments or pupils’ notice books, teaching aids, individual work with pupils with special educational needs, assisting (together with the teacher) pupils’ excursions, preparation of school projects and events, monitoring pupils’ behaviour, participation in parents’ meetings, help with school/class administrative work),
    • observations of mentor’s lessons (depending on possibilities of the school),
    • completing long-term complex portfolio tasks
  • GOWER, Roger, Diane PHILLIPS a Steve WALTERS. Teaching practice handbook. New ed. Oxford: Macmillan Heinemann English language teaching, 1995. viii, 215. ISBN 0435240595. info
Výukové metody
active work supervised by a mentor
observation of teacher student’s lesson
individual consultations
Metody hodnocení
teacher student’s evaluation provided by the mentor
regular attendance at the school of the teaching practice
3 formal lesson plans evaluated by a peer
Informace učitele
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