A2BP_VMKA Vztahy mezi kulturami A

Pedagogická fakulta
podzim 2019
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Mgr. Jiří Šalamoun, Ph.D. (cvičící)
Mgr. Lucie Podroužková, Ph.D.
Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury - Pedagogická fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Jana Popelková
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury - Pedagogická fakulta
Rozvrh seminárních/paralelních skupin
A2BP_VMKA/Kombi1: Pá 27. 9. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, Pá 11. 10. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, Pá 25. 10. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, Pá 15. 11. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, Pá 29. 11. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, Pá 13. 12. 17:00–18:50 učebna 58, J. Šalamoun
A2BP_VMKA/Prez1: Po 10:00–11:50 učebna 12, J. Šalamoun
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Omezení zápisu do předmětu
Předmět je určen pouze studentům mateřských oborů.
Mateřské obory/plány
Cíle předmětu
This is not a class in American or British studies, but rather a course in cultural fluency with the emphasis on the difference in social and cultural patterns between the Czech Republic and English speaking lands. American And British History are prerequisites, and the course must be followed by the continuing second half in the summer semester in which students will research, organize and present a class of their own on some aspect of inter-cultural differences. In the winter semester, classes will meet for two hours every week and will be organized as traditional seminars in which students are assigned texts on a given subject and come to class prepared to discuss it in open conversation around the seminar table.
The aim of the class is to: 1) provide (future and current) teachers of English with the awareness of culture and cultural differences necessary for effective language teaching in the 21st century; to support them in designing and developing culturally relevant lesson plans for their own classrooms; and to provide each individual the material, supervision and support to integrate culture into their English language teaching. 2) give students the opportunity to speak in group situations and provide each individual the material, supervision and support to lead an hour's interactive class presentation; and 3) demonstrate a cultural perspective that could mitigate the culture shock awaiting those students who will study abroad.
Výstupy z učení
By the end of the course, the student will: be more aware of the cultural differences between people from different countries and how to react to them be able to analyse the reasons behind failure in communication be ready to face culture shock in another country be able to create a presentation based on culture for students of English
  • 1. Introduction and organization
  • 2. Migration, integration and the changing world
  • 3. Culture shock and expectations
  • 4. What's normal? - for example Czechs and Americans
  • 5. Culture, values and language
  • 6. Cross cultural dialogs
  • 7. High/low context cultures
  • 8. Symbol, gesture and body language
  • 9. Cultural fluency
  • 10. Culture in language teaching
  • 11. Methodology for presentations
  • 12. Conclusion and evaluation
  • PETERSON, Brooks. cultural Intelligence. : Intercultural Press, 2004. info
  • SHULMAN, Myra. Cultures in Contrast. : University of Michigan Press, 1998. info
  • NOLLEN, Tim. Culture Shock. London: Kuperard, 1997. ISBN 1-85733-190-7. info
  • MACIONIS, John a Nijole BENOKRAITIS. Seeing Ourselves. : Prentice Hall, 1995. info
Výukové metody
Classes are organized as traditional "round table" discussion seminars in which students are assigned texts on a given subject, asked to find an example of such cultural behavior in "real life", and come to class prepared to discuss it in open conversation around the seminar table.
Metody hodnocení
1)Attendance: Two absences are permitted. Three or more will mean loss of credit
2)Reading and analysis of all assigned texts and voluntary discussionin the seminar.
3)Presentation of cultural methodology appropriate for the presenter's English language teaching situation
4)Comprehensive oral exam covering information from both semesters of the course
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