FF FBAJpV English Language and Literature
Name in Czech: Anglický jazyk a literatura
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF B-AJ_ English Language and Literature

Povinné předměty (P+PV 60 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJL01001Practical English I S. Kalováz 0/2/03 1Z
FF:AJL01002Practical English II S. Kalovázk 0/2/03 2Z
FF:AJL02003English Grammar I (Lecture) J. Pelclováz 1/0/01 1Z
FF:AJL02004English Grammar I (Seminar) J. Pelclováz 0/1/02 1Z
FF:AJL02001Introduction to Linguistics J. Chovaneczk 2/0/06 1Z
FF:AJL02002Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology K. Tomkovázk 2/0/06 2Z
FF:AJL02005English Grammar II (Lecture) J. Pelclováz 0/1/01 2Z
FF:AJL02006English Grammar II (Seminar) J. Pelclováz 0/1/02 2Z
FF:AJL04000Introduction to Literary Studies I (Lecture) M. Horákováz 1/0/01 5Z
FF:AJL04001Introduction to Literary Studies I (seminar) M. Horákovázk 0/2/05 5Z
FF:AJL04002Introduction to Literary Studies II Lecture M. Horákováz 1/0/01 6Z
FF:AJL04003Introduction to Literary Studies II M. Horákovázk 0/2/05 6Z
FF:AJL06001Introduction to British Studies I M. Kaylorzk 0/2/03 3Z
FF:AJL06002Introduction to British Studies II S. Hardyzk 0/2/03 4Z
FF:AJL07001Introduction to American Studies I T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/03 3Z
FF:AJL07002Introduction to American Studies: Topics in Culture T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/03 4Z
FF:AJL11010Practical English Exam K. Tomkovázk 0/0/0- 3P
FF:AJL11020English Language Oral Proficiency Exam K. Tomkovázk 0/0/0- 4P
FF:AJL11501Spoken Fluency Practice K. Tomkovázk 0/2/06 4P
FF:AJL19000Introduction to Translation J. Rambousekzk 0/2/06 6P
60 credits