FF FDESTpJ Aesthetics and Culture Studies
Name in Czech: Estetika a kulturní studia
doctoral full-time, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FF D-EST_ Aesthetics and Culture Studies

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The Final State Examination consists of three thematic realms, to which were dedicated special courses in the frame of a doctoral study curriculum.

1) The Metholodogy of the Sciences of Man (Humanities)
2) The History of Aesthetics and Culture
3) Concepts and Methods of Aesthetic Theory

The content is specified in the descriptions of the study courses, but it also takes in consideration the specialization of a candidate.phenomena, to reflect critically present-day sources, to participate in discussion and to resent their arguments in a way focused on facts.
The aim of the Ph.D. theses is to work independently on a specific topic in an innovative way. PhD. students in their theses reflect present-day state of knowledge of the particular issues, on this basis clearly formulate the topic of their thesis, suggesting adequate methods of research, collect the data, evaluate them and analyses them critically, in the conclusions summarize the obtained results, putting them into a wider context of the particular discipline and clearly formulate, in what respect the thesis enlarges, deepens, specifies or corrects the present-day knowledge.
Defence of the Ph.D. thesis consists of the following points: presentation of the Ph.D. student by the supervisor, presentation of main points of the thesis by the Ph.D. student, presentation of thesis reports, reaction to the reports, discussion. After the discussion, the board votes and gives a mark.

Requirements of the study

A disertation in progress - during the whole period of doctoral study.
Defense of the disertational theses - in the 5th semester of study programe.
Publications: publishing continuously during the study and output of at least two articles in the impacted periodicals.
Teaching and tutorship. A doctoral student lectures and participates in the curriculum, he tutors diploma theses up to 10% of his/her study plan.
An academic stage in a foreign country lasting 1 month (min.).
A presentation of a conference paper (at least one international conference).

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Suggested themes:
Oleg Sus and his Theory of Absurd
The Poetic Function in the Works of Roman Jakobson
The Aesthetics of Comics and the Popular Culture
Significance of Pavel Vychodil and Josef Pospíšil for the History of the Czech Aesthetics
Analogical Cognition in the Frame of the Neuro-Sciences

Defended themes:
The Dimension of Privacy in Joseph Roth's Narrative Prose
The Aesthetic Categories in De Amore
Dandyism and Bohemia: Karásek, Marten, Breisky
Aesthetic Interpretation of Love and Death in Consideration of Hölderlin's and Rilke's Works
Anglo-American Reception Ingarden's Concept of the Literary Work
A Theory of Photography in the Context of Visual Culture: The Question of Aesthetic Evaluation

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:ESDS01Seminar in Theory of Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS02Research and Dissertation Theses P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS03A Research Paper H. Řehulkováz 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS04Publication of research results H. Řehulkováz 0/2/05 --
FF:ESDS05History of Aesthetics and Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS06Concepts and Methods of the Aesthetic Theory R. Niederlezk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS07Research and its Sources I. P. Osolsobězk 0/2/05 --
FF:ESDS08A public presentation / conference L. Leek 0/2/05 --
FF:ESDS09Educational stay in abroad L. Leez 0/0/210 --
FF:ESDS11Semiotic and Structural Analysis R. Niederlezk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS12Ethical Criticism of Arts and Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDS16Tutorship and Teaching P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDSDPDoctoral thesis (PhD) P. Osolsoběz 0/0/020 --
FF:ESDSDSDoctoral seminar P. Osolsoběk 0/2/05 --
FF:ESDSJ1Foreign language in use and research I. L. Leek 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDSJ2Foreign language in use and research II. L. Leek 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDSM1Methology in Humanities I. R. Niederlez 0/2/010 --
FF:ESDSM2Methology in Humanities II. R. Niederlek 0/2/010 --
170 credits