FF FDPGpJ Educational Sciences
Name in Czech: Pedagogické vědy
doctoral full-time, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FF D-PG_ Educational Sciences

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The state doctoral examination has the character of a commission examination and is always held before the defence of the dissertation. Based on the professional profile of the doctoral student, the subject council will prepare seven broad areas related to theory, methodology and research findings in the pedagogical sciences. The student has the topics available at least one week before the doctoral examination, and during the examination, the members of the commission asked him questions related to wider topics.

The defence of the dissertation has the character of a public debate on the submitted dissertation. First, the student will present his work, describe the theoretical framework, methodological requirements and the results obtained. Subsequently, both assessments and statements of the supervisor are read. Then the student has the opportunity to comment on comments and remarks in the evaluations that he had available in advance. Other members of the commission, as well as opponents, have the opportunity to participate in the subsequent discussion of the dissertation.

Requirements of the study

Research obligations:
Preparation of the dissertation - takes place throughout the study and consists of min. 60% of the workload
Defense of the dissertation design - must be completed no later than the 2nd semester
Publishing activity - consists of two to three articles in professional peer-reviewed journals, accounting for 10% of the workload
Internship abroad - must be completed in min. length of 3 months in total for the period of study
Participation in the conference - it is necessary to prove active participation in three professional conferences

Study obligations (total max. 20% of workload):
CJV_D_A English for Doctoral Studies
Methodology of pedagogical research / PGDS001PAN Methodology of andragogical research
PGDS002 Pedagogical discipline / PGDS002PAN Andragogical discipline
PGDS007 Dissertation Thesis
PGDS009 Dissertation Thesis
PGDS013 Doctoral Seminar
PGDS016 Dissertation Research I
PGDS017 Dissertation Research II
PGDS018 Dissertation Research III
PGDS026 Text Preparation
PGDS028 Expert paper
PGDS029 Professional Publication
PGDS036 Methodological seminar
PHDZ1 Philosophy for Doctoral Studies 1
PHDZ2 Philosophy for Doctoral Studies 2

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Prof. Milan Pol
Distributive leadership in schools
Rituals at school. On the example of school graduation.

Prof. Milada Rabušicová
Adult education in the world (comparative study)
Adult learning and education (analysis of opportunities and participation)

Assoc. prof. Bohumíra Lazarová
School climate through the eyes of students
Private primary schools

Assoc. prof. Klára Šeďová
Communication between students in group teaching
The influence of peer relationships on the pupil's involvement in educational communication

Assoc. prof. Jiří Zounek
Digital technologies in formal and informal learning (life) of children, youth and adults (digital technologies at school, in the family, at work; digital technologies as a part of everyday activities in various contexts and environments, including virtual environments)
E-learning in tertiary education (empirical research on ICT-supported teaching at universities)
History of (post) socialist education in Czechoslovakia (history of primary, secondary and higher education from the point of view of witnesses - teachers and pupils; period around 1968, 1989, the transformation of education in the 1990s; use of oral history in historical-pedagogical research).

dr. Karla Brücknerová
Informal learning of school principals
Parents as content and source of informal learning for teachers

dr. Lenka Hloušková
Confidence in school life
Learning outcomes of career counselling

dr. Zuzana Šalamounová
The role of students' language skills in their involvement in educational communication
Language in the process of identifying pupils in the classroom environment

dr. Roman Švaříček
Use of eye-tracking for research of interactions during classroom instruction
Teacher's identity
Arguments in dialogically conceived teaching

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Selected subjects (PGDS026 Text Preparation, PGDS028 Expert Reference, PGDS029 Professional Publication, PGDS032 Popularisation Article, PGDS013 Doctoral Seminar) students can register repeatedly each semester.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGDS004Andragogy P. Novotnýzk 0/0/0 blokově.10 --
FF:PGDS005Educational policy P. Novotnýz 1/1/010 --
FF:PGDS013Doctoral seminar P. Novotnýz 0/0/015 --
FF:PGDS016Disertation research P. Novotnýz 0/0/05 --
FF:PGDS017Disertation research II P. Novotnýz 0/0/015 --
FF:PGDS018Disertation research III P. Novotnýz 0/0/015 --
FF:PGDS026Writing Seminar P. Novotnýz 0/0/05 --
FF:PGDS028Conference presentation P. Novotnýz 0/0/020 --
FF:PGDS029Publication P. Novotnýz 0/0/020 --
FF:PGDS030Study internship in abroad P. Novotnýz 0/0/020 --
FF:PGDS032Popularizing article P. Novotnýz 0/0 Písemný text.10 --
FF:PGDS033Writing seminar P. Novotnýz 0/220 --
FF:PGDS034Contemporary Topics of Educational Sciences P. Novotnýz 0/220 --
FF:PGDS035Short study internship in abroad P. Novotnýz 0/0/05 --
FF:PGDS036Methodology P. Novotnýz 0/0/015 --
FF:PHDZ1Philosophy for doctoral studies 1 J. Krobz 0/0/0 6x2 hodiny.10 --
FF:PHDZ2Philosophy for doctoral studies 2 J. Krobk 0/0/0 3x2 hodiny za semestr.10 --
225 credits

Pedagogická praxe

Students can register this subject repeatedly each semester.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGDS037University Teaching P. Novotnýz 0/0/215 --
15 credits

Zkouška z metodologie

A student chooses one subject according to their focus.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGDS001Methodology of Educational Research P. Novotnýk 0/0 blokově.10 --
FF:PGDS001PANMethodology of Andragogy Research P. Novotnýk 0/0 blokově.10 --
20 credits

Zkouška z disciplíny

A student chooses one subject according to their focus.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGDS002Discipline of Education P. Novotnýzk 0/010 --
FF:PGDS002PANDiscipline of Education P. Novotnýzk 0/010 --
20 credits

Dizertační práce

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGDS007Thesis P. Novotnýz 0/0 blokově.25 --
FF:PGDS009Doctoral Dissertation Proposal P. Novotnýz 0/05 --
30 credits