FF FNLLSApJ Medieval Latin Language and Literature
Name in Czech: Medieval Latin Language and Literature
master's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FF N-LLSA_ Medieval Latin Language and Literature

Diplomová práce (min 20kr.)

Students must pass all 3 courses.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:LJMedD02M. A. Diploma Thesis Seminar I P. Mutlováz 0/2/010 3P
FF:LJMedD05M. A. Diploma Thesis Seminar II P. Mutlováz 0/2/0 Výuka probíhá formou individuálních konzultací v individuálním rozsahu.10 4P
FF:LJMedD01Master's Thesis P. Mutlováz 0/0/0 Individuální konzultace.- 4-
20 credits

Povinné předměty (P a PV více než 90kr.)

Students must obtain all 64 credits from the listed mandatory courses. In addition, during the course of their studies students must read selected Latin sources in the original and/or in translation. The ability to understand, read and interpret the original texts is checked in the given courses (individual readings) or during the state examination.
Reading in original (summary of all mandatory colloquia and courses): Vulgate: Genesis, Psalmi 1–41, Isaias 6–12, 56–66, one gospel, Epistula I ad Cor.; general knowledge of the whole text of the Bible, good orientation in the Vulgate and knowledge of the biblical books
Augustinus, De civitate Dei I; II; V, 1–8; VI; VIII; XXII, 30; Confessiones I; VIII; IX (state exam)
Philosophical and theological texts: Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae – I,1 – carm.V; III, carm. IX; Seneca, Ad Luc. 1, 16, 47; Peter Lombardus, Super IV Sent. l. 3 d. 34 c. 4; Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae p. 1, q. 1; Roger Bacon, Opus maius, p. VI, De scientia experimentali (c. 1), p. VII, Moralis philosophia (p. 1)
European and Bohemian medieval poetry: Carmina Burana 11, 16, 17, 41, 42, 44, 51, 74, 75, 100, 117, 123, 130, 131a, 136, 138, 143, 191, 196, 211, 219; Carmina Cantabrigiensia 14, 23, 27; Fejfalik V (Recedite, recedite), VII (Fuit una domina), VIII (Si vis ad amasiam), X (Filia, si vox tua); Gualterus de Castellione – Alexandreis I, 1–202
European and Bohemian medieval historiography: Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Bohemorum I; Beda Venerabilis, Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum I, 1; II, 9, 12–16; III, 1–3; IV, 17–18, 22; Einhardus, Vita Caroli Magni; Peter of Zittau, Chronicon Aulae regiae I, 94–104, 108–109
European and Bohemian hagiography: Christiani monachi Vita et passio sancti Venceslai et sanctae Ludmilae avae eius; Versus de passione sancti Adalberti; Legenda aurea 22 (De sancto Nicolao), 87 (De Epiphania Domini), 662 (De sancto Francisco)
Medieval exempla: Petrus Alphonsi, Disciplina clericalis (exempla 1-20); Gesta Romanorum (5 selected exempla); Caesarius of Heisterbach, Dialogus miraculorum (10 selected exempla)
Humanistic literature: J. A. Comenius, Schola infantiae, chap. 4, 6-8, 11, 12; Bohuslav Hasištejnský, Carmina 83, 200, 316; Matouš Collinus, De peste; Jan Campanus Vodňanský, De exundatione Vultavae, In ventrem, Anni 1601 descriptio; Alžběta Johanna Westonia, De inundatione Pragae.

Reading in translation:
Seneca, Epistolae morales ad Lucilium (selection); Pliny the Elder, Natural history (selection); Lucan, On the Civil War (book 1. and 6.); Martial, Selected Epigrams; Quintilian, Institutes of Oratory (books 1., 2. and 10.); Statius, Thebais (book 12); Silvae (selection); Marcus Aurelius, Meditations; Macrobius, Saturnalia.
Book of Revelation; Augustine, On Christian Doctrine; Jerome, Selected Letters; Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, The Plays; Thietmar of Merseburg, The Chronicle; Golden Legend (100 pages); Erasmus of Rotterdam, In Praise of Folly; Comenius, Unum necessarium. The One Thing Needed.

Students are obliged to demonstrate their proficiency in Latin language and literature as prescribed by the following colloquia of the BA programme: Cicero: In Catilinam I; Pro Archia poeta; Laelius de amicitia; Tusculanae disputationes I. Vergilius: Aeneis I, II, IV, VI; Bucolica I, IV; Georgica I 1–5, II 458–474. Ovidius: Metamorphoses I 1–415; II 1–328; III; IV 55–166; VI 143–381;VIII 183–235, 616–724; X 1–77; XV 871–887.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:LJMedA01Introduction to Medieval Latin P. Mutlováz 1/1/04 1Z
FF:LJ153Medieval and Humanistic Latin I D. Stehlíkovák 1/1/04 1Z
FF:LJ154Medieval and Humanistic Latin II P. Mutlovázk 1/1/04 2P
FF:LJMedA02Bohemian-Latin Medieval Literature - dynasty of Premyslids P. Mutlovák 1/1/04 2Z
FF:LJMedA03Bohemian-Latin Medieval Literature - dynasty of Luxembourg P. Mutlovázk 1/1/04 3P
FF:LJMedA07Interpretative Seminar: Medieval Latin I D. Stehlíkovák 0/2/04 3P
FF:LJMedA08Interpretative Seminar: Medieval Latin II P. Mutlovák 0/2/04 4-
FF:LJMedA10Seminar on Textual Criticism P. Mutlováz 1/1/04 3P
FF:LJ253Reading and Metrical Analysis of Horace D. Urbanovák 0/2/04 1-
FF:LJ351Roman Literature of the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity K. Petrovićovázk 1/1/04 3-
FF:LJMedA09Bible Seminar (Vulgate) P. Mutlováz 1/0/02 4-
FF:AR1A311Latin Script and Book Culture in the Middle Ages I (800-1200) D. Havelk 1/1/03 2-
FF:AR1A312Latin Script and Book Culture in the Middle Ages II (1200-1500) D. Havelzk 1/1/04 3-
FF:CJLB200Czech Literature from the Beginnings to the 18th century I M. Soleiman pour Hashemiz 2/0/03 2-
FF:LJ156Test in Latin Normative Grammar D. Urbanovázk 0/0/0 0.2 4-
FF:LJMedC11Individual Reading: European and Bohemian hagiography P. Mutlovák 0/0/02 --
FF:LJMedC12Individual Reading: European and Bohemian historiography P. Mutlovák 0/0/02 --
FF:LJMedC15Individual Reading: Medieval Exempla P. Mutlovák 0/0/02 --
FF:LJMedC16Individual Reading: Humanistic Literature D. Stehlíkovák 0/0/02 --
FF:LJMedC17Individual Reading: Philosophical and Theololgical Texts L. Mazalovák 0/0/02 --
64 credits

Selective courses

Blok 1

Students are obliged to obtain 3 credits from one of the following courses:

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:HIAb06bMedieval History of the Czech Land L. Janz 0/0/03 --
FF:HIAb06cMedieval History of Western Europe M. Wihodaz 1/1/03 --
6 credits

Blok 2

In addition, students are obliged to obtain 26 credits from one of the following courses. Credits gained above this limit can be counted as selective courses.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:LJMedB06Medieval Encyclopedias D. Stehlíkováz 0/2/0 0.4 --
FF:LJMedA11Auxiliary Sciences of History for Medievalists P. Mutlováz 1/1/0 0.4 --
FF:LJMedB24Digital Humanities in Medieval Studies P. Mutlovák 1/1/04 --
FF:LJMedB28Reading Latin Texts about the Last Things L. Mazalováz 0/2/0 0.4 --
FF:LJMedB31Textual Culture of the Czech Reformation P. Mutlováz 1/1/04 --
FF:LJMedB32Latin Manuscripts and Medieval Literature P. Mutlovák 2/0/05 --
FF:LJMedB33Czech Reformation and the History of Ideas P. Mutlováz 2/0/05 --
FF:LJ152Late Latin J. Mikulovázk 1/1/04 --
FF:MEDMgr01Selected literary theories and methods of textual interpretation K. Petrovićovák 1/1/04 --
FF:LJ252Master's Interpretative Seminar II D. Urbanovák 0/2/04 --
FF:LJ453Expert lectures D. Urbanovák 0/0/04 --
FF:KR024Greek Philosophy of Late Antiquity and Early Christianity J. Franekz 2/0/04 --
FF:KR027Historical and Critical Introduction to the New Testament J. Franekk 2/0/04 --
54 credits

Elective courses

Students must obtain 7 credits for selective courses, which they choose according to their interest and profile. Credits obtained above the limit of the mandatory courses may be counted here. Any course from the Faculty of Arts can be chosen as a selective course. It is recommended to choose from courses close to student's specialization or theoretical courses; the following is only an example.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:KRMgr03Greek Literature: Roman Period I. Radovázk 2/0/05 --
FF:LJ251Master's Interpretative Seminar I K. Petrovićovák 0/2/04 --
FF:LJMedB26Medieval itineracy to the other world L. Mazalovák 2/0/0 0.3 --
FF:LJ151Archaic Latin - Plautus D. Urbanovázk 1/1/04 --
FF:LJ158Latin Linguistics D. Urbanovák 1/1/04 --
FF:LJ159Latin Academic Writing I D. Urbanovák 1/1/03 --
FF:LJ160Latin Academic Writing II D. Urbanovák 1/1/03 --
FF:KR015Classical Greek III J. Stekláz 0/2/04 --
FF:LJ407The Arabian World in Antiquity and Early Middle Ages I J. Bednaříkováz 2/0/03 --
FF:DSMB04Late Ancient and Early Medieval Barbaric States I J. Bednaříkováz 2/2/05 --
FF:REMgr01Introduction to Byzantine Literature M. Kulhánkovázk 2/0/05 --
43 credits