FSS IREP01 International Relations and European Politics
Název anglicky: International Relations and European Politics
bakalářský prezenční jednooborový
Zahrnut v programu: FSS B-IREP International Relations and European Politics


Detailed information may be found on the program webpage or with program coordinators. 

Bachelor thesis

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:IREb1500Diploma seminar I. M. Chovančíkz 0/2/08 5P
FSS:IREb1501Diploma seminar II. M. Chovančíkz 0/2/08 6P
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Compulsory courses (A)

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:IREb1001Introduction to IR and EP M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/08 1-
FSS:IREb1002History of International Relations and World Politics M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/06 1-
FSS:IREb1003Academic Skills V. Havlíkzk 2/0/04 1-
FSS:IREb1004Contemporary History of Europe V. Hloušekzk 2/0/08 2P
FSS:IREb1005European Integration V. Havlíkzk 1/1/08 2Z
FSS:IREb1006Global Politics: Current Issues M. Chovančíkzk 0/2/06 2-
FSS:IREb1007International Security M. Chovančíkzk 2/0/08 3Z
FSS:IREb1008Research Methods and Tools M. Chovančíkzk 0/2/08 3P
FSS:IREb1009Energy Politics F. Černochzk 2/0/06 3-
FSS:IREb1010Theory of International Relations and European Integration. M. Brusenbauch Meislovázk 2/0/08 4Z
FSS:IREb1011Human Rights, Democratization and Global Justice M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/08 4P
FSS:IREb1012International Organizations and Diplomacy J. Urbanovskázk 0/2/06 4-
FSS:IREb1013Economic dimension of international relations: an introduction O. Krpeczk 1/1/08 5Z
FSS:IREb1014Institutions of the EU P. Kaniokzk 1/1/08 6Z
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Optional courses (B)

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:CJVF001French for Beginners I B. Veseláz 0/2/02 --
FSS:CJVF002French for Beginners II B. Veseláz 0/2/02 --
FSS:CJVS001Spanish for Beginners I J. Žváčkováz 0/2/02 --
FSS:CJVS002Spanish for Beginners II J. Žváčkováz 0/2/02 --
FSS:IREb2001Arctic Geopolitics B. Halaškovázk 1/1/04 1-
FSS:IREb2002Peace economics M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 3-
FSS:IREb2003Rise of Asia M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 3-
FSS:IREb2004Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 --
FSS:IREb2005Humanitarian Intervention K. Fridrichovázk 1/1/04 2-
FSS:IREb2007Contemporary Issues in the European Union V. Havlíkz 1/1/03 --
FSS:IREb2008Afghanistan and Regional Security Dynamics M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 2-
FSS:IREb2009Current developments in the Caspian Region M. Chovančíkz 1/1/05 --
FSS:IREb2010Foreign Policy of Poland V. Zapletalovázk 1/1/04 1-
FSS:IREb2011Diplomacy in East Asia M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 2-
FSS:IREb2012Politics and Society in the Middle East M. Chovančíkzk 2/0/04 3-
FSS:IREb2013A New Player in Town: China's Growing Role in Central Europe M. Chovančíkzk 2/0/04 --
FSS:IREb2014Culture, Society and Politics in the German-speaking Countries M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 6-
FSS:IREb2015Politics and Society in Israel M. Higginszk 2/0/04 4-
FSS:IREb2016Statehood, Identity and Foreign Policy in Western Balkan countries M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:IREb2017Introduction to Hungarian foreign policy V. Havlíkz 1/1/04 4-
FSS:IREb2018EU foreign policy toward Russia and Eastern partnership countries P. Kuchyňkováz 2/0/04 1-
FSS:IREb2019British Foreign Policy 1714-2015 V. Černýzk 2/0/04 6-
FSS:IREb2020The European Union - System in Crisis: EU’s Enlargement Policy M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/05 5-
FSS:IREb2021The idea (and reality) of Central Europe M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 6-
FSS:IREb2022Development in Africa M. Chovančíkzk 2/0/04 --
FSS:IREb2023Nations in conflict M. Higginszk 1/1/04 --
FSS:IREb2024Electoral Observation Missions in the Contemporary World: A Tool of Democratization? M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 --
FSS:EVSb2021France and Italy: Comparative History and Politics V. Hloušekz 1/1/04 --
FSS:EVSb2069Deutschland und EU V. Havlíkzk 1/1/05 --
FSS:EVSb2096Britain and the European Union M. Brusenbauch Meislovázk 1/1/05 5-
FSS:MVZb2010The Western Balkans in Transition: Post-Conflict Transformation of BiH, Croatia and Serbia P. Suchýzk 1/15 5-
FSS:MVZb2040Politics, International Relations and Popular Culture P. Suchýz 1/1/03 --
FSS:MVZb2091History of the Cold War P. Suchýz 1/1/05 --
FSS:MVZb2092Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean Z. Křížz 2/0/03 --
FSS:MVZb2099Democracy, the state and conflict in Africa P. Suchýz 1/1/04 --
FSS:FSSb1110Zahraniční výjezd P. Suchýz 0/0/04 --
FSS:FSSb1190Zahraniční pracovní pobyt P. Suchýz 0/0/020 --
FSS:EVSb2011EU Elections and Public Opinion Z. Ringlerovázk 1/1/04 --
FSS:IREb2025Populism in EU: Challenges to European Integration Perspective M. Chovančíkzk 1/1/04 --
FSS:IREb2900Internship CZE/SVK A. Konvalinováz 0/0/05 --
FSS:IREb2901Summer/Winter school V. Zapletalováz 0/0/03 --
FSS:MVZb2012The Evolution of British Politics P. Suchýzk 1/1/03 --
FSS:MVZb2024American Political System Z. Ringlerovázk 1/1/04 --
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