FOŘTOVÁ, Nikola. Teaching those that can, and those that can eventually. In The Levels Conference, Brno, 12 October 2014. 2013.
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Originální název Teaching those that can, and those that can eventually
Autoři FOŘTOVÁ, Nikola (203 Česká republika, garant, domácí).
Vydání The Levels Conference, Brno, 12 October 2014, 2013.
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Originální jazyk angličtina
Typ výsledku Prezentace na konferencích
Obor 50300 5.3 Education
Stát vydavatele Česká republika
Utajení není předmětem státního či obchodního tajemství
Kód RIV RIV/00216224:14210/13:00078728
Organizační jednotka Filozofická fakulta
Klíčová slova anglicky Teacher training; Mixed ability
Štítky rivok
Změnil Změnila: Mgr. Vendula Hromádková, učo 108933. Změněno: 11. 3. 2015 09:36.
Once upon a time, an English EFL teacher came to Brno. Enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, she landed a job teaching English right away. Though enjoyable, she often found the lessons challenging. Why, she wondered, were some learners following the lessons, whilst others were falling behind? Why were some learners paying attention and cooperating, whilst others seemed disinterested and misbehaved? Why does it feel that some learners are having to slow down so that others can catch up? Her conclusion was simple: some learners are just more capable and clever than others. If only someone had told her about mixed ability and strategies for dealing with it..... Beginning with a look at what constitutes diversity in class, this session aims to consider the disadvantages and advantages of dealing with the mix, and suggests a range of practical activities and modes of working to show how we can direct and engage all our learners, whilst catering for the varying language levels. After all, everyone can do something, but no-one can do everything.
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