ŠIPL, Milan a Emanuel HURYCH. The Effect of Physical Activities on Somatic Parameters of the Selected Czech University Students – Some Selected Results. Studia sportiva. Brno: Fakulta sportovních studií MU, 2022, roč. 16, č. 2, s. 283-291. ISSN 1802-7679.
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Originální název The Effect of Physical Activities on Somatic Parameters of the Selected Czech University Students – Some Selected Results
Autoři ŠIPL, Milan (203 Česká republika, domácí) a Emanuel HURYCH (203 Česká republika, garant, domácí).
Vydání Studia sportiva, Brno, Fakulta sportovních studií MU, 2022, 1802-7679.
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Originální jazyk angličtina
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Obor 50902 Social sciences, interdisciplinary
Stát vydavatele Česká republika
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Kód RIV RIV/00216224:14510/22:00128714
Organizační jednotka Fakulta sportovních studií
Klíčová slova anglicky physical activity; body comphysical activity; body composition; IPAQ; body fat; skeletal muscle mass; university studentsposition; IPAQ; body fat; skeletal muscle mass; university students
Příznaky Mezinárodní význam, Recenzováno
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The current trend is a n increasing sedenta ry lifestyle in all age ca tegories. Among university students, there is a n ala rming decline in physical activity while increasing the percent-age of total body fa t compa red to high school students. The ma in goal of the study is to describe the current sta te of body composition of university students a nd to assess the impact of physical activity / inactivity in this specific age group, which has cha nged very dyna mically in recent yea rs due to the coronavirus pa ndemic. Methods: A total of 358 proba nds with a mea n age of 20.87 ± 1.43 yea rs were involved in the resea rch, of which 234 women (65.4 %) had a height of 167.9 ± 6.3 cm a nd a body weight of 61.3 ± 10.0 kg, BMI 21.7 ± 3.2, body fa t 25.9 ± 6.4 %, skeletal muscle mass 24.7 ± 3.3 % a nd 124 men (34.6 %) with body height 180.9 ± 7.7 cm, body weight 77.6 ± 12.4 kg, BMI 23.6 ± 2.8, body fa t 15.8 ± 5.4 %, skeletal muscle mass 37.0 ± 5.6 %. For the purposes of valid ca tegoriza tion into high active, minimally active, a nd inactive proba nds, the Interna tional Sta nda rdized Physical Activity Questionna ire (IPAQ) was used, which monitors physical activity in the last 7 days. The questionna ire includes questions rega rding the frequen-y a nd time spent in each intensity of physical activity, as well as the time spent sitting. The non-invasive method of bioelectric tetrapola r impeda nce using the InBody 230 device was used for the a nalysis of soma tic pa ra meters. The Takei ha nd dyna mometer was used for the diagnosis of muscle strength. Some selected results: According to IPAQ, proba nds were classified as inactive (16 %), minimally active (58 %) a nd high active (25 %), the a nalysis of selected aspects of physical activity shows tha t men a re more active tha n women, but both sexes spend more tha n 5.5 hours a day sitting on average. A total of 39 % of proba nds have higher level of total body fa t tha n the recommended norms. Conclusion: The study showed tha t lower levels of physical activity a re associa ted with higher values of total body fa t in university students. At the sa me time, within our sa mple both sexes out of 84 % comply with general recommendations rega rding the volume a nd intensity of physical activity.
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